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Last Updated on May 23, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Suffering from erratic Internet connections? Frustrated with a weak WiFi connection? Thinking about how to improve your home’s WiFi signal strength? Did you nod your head yes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to improve your WiFi’s signal strength with the aid of this post’s helpful hints and advice. Come on, let’s begin.

How to Extend WiFi Range?

Imagine a situation. So, you’re watching your favorite program on your mobile device, streaming from the internet, and you leave the room, only to find that you can no longer access the show. Just what goes down? If you’ve just relocated to an area with poor or no WiFi connectivity, you may have a problem.

In order to avoid such problems in the future, it is recommended that you install a range extender in your house. We are well aware that the market is flooded with extenders that all claim to be the greatest at transforming boring areas into exciting ones, but it is really difficult to put your faith in any of them. With that in mind, we put a number of extenders to the test and found that Belkin performed well in every category. So, doing a Belkin WiFi extender setup is a great step to extender the WiFi range in the house.

Whether in the kitchen, the garage, or the garden, you’ll have a reliable connection for your Internet activities with a properly configured Belkin. If you want to upgrade your streaming experience, go no further than this Belkin extender.

Let’s get in and get acquainted with the steps involved in setting up a Belkin extender to increase the coverage area of your existing WiFi network.

How to Configure a Belkin Range Extender?

The following are some of the things you’ll need at hand to set up your repeater:

  • A lightning-quick WiFi with which you can connect to the web in no time
  • Power outlets that operate
  • Internetwork Protocol Suite
  • Combination modem/router
  • A desktop or laptop with a recent version of a web browser

Belkin WiFi Range Extender – Manual Setup

  • Get your range extender out of the packaging and hook up the antennas.
  • When finished, plug the range extender into your current WiFi router via an Ethernet connection.
  • Finally, connect the gadget to electricity by plugging it into a wall socket.
  • Verify that your device’s power indicator light turns green.
  • To go online, fire up your preferred web browser.
  • Get online and type in www.belkin.range
  • The default IP address may be used to access the new extender setup login page if the default website is down.
  • Upon arriving at the Belkin extender login screen, you will be prompted to enter the default details.
  • To find out what the default login information for the Belkin range extender is, you may access the Belkin extender documentation.
  • Please enter your information below and click the “Log In” button when finished.
  • The Belkin Setup wizard will load.
  • To finish configuring the Belkin extender, please refer to the on-screen prompts that have recently been shown.

Have you finished configuring your Belkin extender via the www.belkin.range web address? If yes, then congrats. If not, you can go with the WPS method which only requires the pushing of the WPS button.

Your WiFi may have fallen out, but don’t worry; just unhook the extender and take it to the spot where it’s needed. Resuming streaming your favorite program is as simple as reconnecting your client devices to the WiFi range extender and logging in to the network.

Simply Put

With Belkin installed, we anticipate that you will have a seamless online experience. Please tell us about your online adventures in the discussion area. However, if any hurdle stops you from doing the Belkin setup, opt for the Belkin WiFi extender reset process and set up your device again following the aforementioned instructions.

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