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When I want to get away from the daily grind, I think about going elsewhere. It’s time to unwind and relax! Pine, Arizona, is one of the spots I like to go to and keep returning to. I’ve discovered Pine’s best-kept secrets and what the lovely area has to offer.

Pine is a village in Gila County’s northwest, bordered to the north by the county line with Coconino and to the northwest by Strawberry. In 1879, the four Mormon families established Pine.

The name of this beautiful city comes from the ponderosa pine forest. The town of Pine, Arizona, is a real treasure that provides a serene setting for you to take in the views and create memories.

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Pine is renowned for its picturesque surroundings and lovely routes that are great for riding, strolling, and exploring the wilderness. You may have fun here with friends and family in the perfect outdoor setting!

What are the most popular sites to see in Pine, then? The Tonto National Forest, Marya Art Gallery, Tonto Natural Bridge Park, the Fossil Spring Trailhead, and the Old County Inn among the main sights to see while in Pine. Less than 3 hours separate Pine and the Grand Canyon if you’re seeking for day getaways!

Using professional guidance, travel suggestions, destination details, and activity inspiration, learn about the finest things to do. The best and most entertaining things to do in Pine, Arizona are listed here.

Pine Trailhead in the Tonto National Forest

Outdoor enthusiasts should visit the Tonto National Forest, which is close to Pine. It is Arizona’s fifth-largest forest and contains more than 400 identified mountains. The Sonoran Desert is the most noticeable aspect of the woodland.

There are numerous exciting activities available in Tonto National Forest. A journey here will be enjoyable if you like having adventures in the woods. Wildlife viewing, breathtaking scenery, and special activities are all waiting for you.

By boat, on foot, or while camping, explore the desert. Both novice and experienced hikers can enjoy the forest’s many hiking trails.

Beginners and experienced hikers can use the pine trailhead, which is a portion of the Arizona route. Experienced hikers should try the Barefoot trail. Your hiking adventure will be made unique by the trees and snow, and picnic lovers will adore the picturesque setting.

Other striking landmarks like the Coconino National Forest and the Kaibab National Forest surround the Tonto National Forest.

We can help you plan a canoe trip or UTV tour so you can explore the largest national forest in Arizona once in a lifetime!

I booked a stay at the Majestic Mountain Inn in adjacent Payson when I visited Tonto National Forest, and I heartily suggest it to anyone planning to explore the park.

State Park near Tonto Natural Bridge

If you don’t go to Natural Bridge State Park, your trip to Pine will be lacking. Four separate routes surround the park, which is situated between Pine and Payson and is open to all visitors.

Best known for hiking and sightseeing, the park. Be aware that dogs are only permitted in the parking lot and not on any of the park’s actual trails if you intend to bring your four-legged companions.

Since all of the routes are less than half a mile long yet steep, be prepared to take in beautiful scenery as you travel them. Don’t forget to pack water. After a hike, you can relax in the picnic area.

Both children and adults can enjoy the Natural Bridge and park. At the visitor centre, there are colouring pages for children featuring local fauna.

Cherry Pine Museum

A valuable community asset created to recognise the toil of the town’s founding generations is the Pine Strawberry Museum.

Numerous relics and records illustrate the prehistory and history of the Pine neighbourhood. The Pine Strawberry Museum houses a collection of the pioneering Mormons’ farming tools and clothing.

This is a great place for both adults and kids to learn about the Mormon community’s past. You can hire a tour guide to show you around the entire museum.

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