Why Hostbillo’s Linux Shared Hosting in India is Best For Small Businesses

With the increasing demand for web hosting services due to people building websites for nearly everything, the prices of Linux shared Hosting in india plans & packages are also consistently rising. As a result, website owners are required to invest a bit more to bring or maintain their websites on the Internet. 

However, an industry-leading web hosting company, Hostbillo Hosting Solutions, has come up with a great deal to enable website owners to make the least investment in web hosting services & save money.  the web hosting company is offering a wide range of plans & packages of Linux shared hosting in India With a good server uptime and 23/7 customer support.

Plunge into the segments below in order to acquire all the useful insights into the best yet cheapest Linux shared web hosting in India. And learn How Hostbillo provides the best web hosting services.

What is Linux shared hosting?

A server cannot function and run without an operating system. Servers running Linux operating systems are called Linux servers, and hosting done on those servers is called Linux hosting.

The web hosting company hosts thousands of websites on a single server in shared hosting. According to the plans of their customers, the company offers different parts and configurations.

When a Linux server is used for shared hosting is called Linux shared Hosting.

Linux shared hosting is the cheapest and most preferred option by many website owners. It provides a high amount of security and reliability and it is fully managed by the web hosting company. So it saves your time as well. 

About Hostbillo hosting solutions

Let us first highlight why you must seek Hostbillo – a web hosting company to buy the plans & packages of Cheap Linux shared hosting in India. Hostbillo is counted among the most prominent as well as fastest evolving web hosting companies across the globe. It has received many awards for rendering the best Linux shared hosting in India at the most affordable pricing. 

The company ensures high-grade services & facilities backed by resilient & progressive technologies. Moreover, you also get the support of cutting-edge hardware tools & top-tier equipment for boosting the performance of your online presence under all conditions with the company’s powerful India Linux shared hosting servers. 

What are The Benefits of Buying Linux Shared Hosting in India From Hostbillo?

At Hostbillo web hosting company, you can obtain great offers in domain-related services also along with effective web hosting solutions. The company facilitates extremely affordable & budget-friendly options for all website owners worldwide.

Reasons to Buy Linux shared Hosting in India from Hostbillo-

Server Uptime Guarantee:

Hostbillo offers a wide range of Linux shared Hosting plans with a 99.90% server uptime guarantee. As well as that, they took care of the server so that it never went down unless it went for maintenance.

Different operating Sytems:

Hostbillo provides web hosting plans With both Windows and Linux operating systems. And also they give you choice to choose between different Linux products as well. You can choose between, ubuntu, centOS, etc in your Linux shared Hosting server.

Technical Support:

Hostbillo has a highly experienced technical team that can help you with all your server-related issues. They are very polite with their customers and they also they are available 24/7 to provide customer support.

Free SSL Certificate:

Hostbillo offers a free SSL certificate with all of their Linux shared servers in India. That gives your website end-to-end encrypted security. 

Add on Domains:

Hostbillo gives you authority to add more than 1 domain into your Linux shared hosting in India plan. So if you have more than one website for your business then you don’t need to buy different plans for each website. That saves your money and also you can manage both sites at the same time.

Control panel:

A control panel helps you to do all server-related tasks very easily and also there are many tasks that cannot be performed without a control panel. Hostbillo provides a control panel along with India Shared Linux hosting servers.


Different users have different budgets to spend on Web hosting services. Hostbillo is aware of that, that is why they offer a wide range of Linux shared plans. So, anyone can buy their shared hosting within their budget.


As discussed, Linux Shared web hosting in India is the cheapest web hosting solution available in the industry. It gives you the opportunity to establish the ultimate data security for your website and its users.

Furthermore, to make this possible you have to find the most reliable and recognized web hosting company such as Hostbillo. Hostbillo-web hosting company provides an extensive range of fully managed Linux shared server hosting plans in India. From among them, you can pick the aptest one for your website.