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It is well-known that buildings are responsible for 40% of all carbon emissions. Increasing their efficiency in energy is an important issue for the government in the fight against climate change.

While the main function of insulation plays is to offer thermal efficiency, selecting the appropriate insulation. can determine a building’s acoustic or fire safety characteristics and the degree of comfort that it offers the people who use it.

knauf soundshield plus happens to be the sole maker for Earthwool Insulation, which is insulation made of glass wool.

Knauf Insulation is a world-wide producer of insulation. This company is present in over 35 countries and has more than 40 manufacturing facilities all over the world, producing rockwool, glasswool (extruded), extruded polystyrene (EPS) as well as extruded Polyethylene (XPS).

Knauf insulation is a renowned specialist in the development and research of energy efficient Insulation Products for Australian as well as other homes around the world.

What makes Earthwool insulation apart from traditional glasswool is the fact that Earthwool is using ECOSE Technology. It is price at a reasonable price and has be prove to be healthier for the earth, Earthwool insulation has plenty to offer!

What Exactly Is ECOSE Technology?

In 2009, ECOSE technology was introduced in 2009. It is a breakthrough bio-based sustainable binder. This is an organic binder, with no formaldehyde or phenol added. It replaces the harsh chemicals that are used in traditional binder as purely natural raw material.

Knauf Soundshield has now been rebranded as an organic brown “earthy” colour since no dyes, bleaches or synthetic colours are used. It has improved the environmental credibility of the product without compromising the fire, thermal, acoustic performance, or mechanical properties.

The way it works is that ECOSE technology is a process of converting organic substances into an inert polymer producing a strong binder that binds fibre strands.

This means that chemical compounds like formaldehyde’s and even phenol’s (use in traditional binding agents) are not need or even use.

Fire Safety

The performance in fire of insulation enables it to offer passive fire protection. It is essential that buildings are design and to reduce the possibility of fire, and its spread should it happen, in addition to maximising the stability of the structure and the possibility of the occupants of the structure to escape without injury.

Additionally, it acts as a deterrent to flame, should an incident happen the non-combustible mineral wool insulation solutions won’t contribute to the stages of its development which will minimise its impact and its consequences.


The energy efficient properties and thermal properties of insulation keeps structures warm in winter and cool in summer.

The more significant the temperature difference between the outside and inside of a structure the faster buildings will begin to lose warmth during the winter months and increase it during summer.

The mineral wool insulation solutions assist to keep a steady temperature inside by reducing heat transfer via conduction, convection, and radiation.

When a building is properly insulate it can save energy by the system for heating a cold structure as well as from air conditioners cooling a warm house.


The acoustic quality of insulation can create a better indoor environment for building occupants.

The protection from noise is essential to the quality of life provided by living spaces, as well as an efficient, healthy and inviting environment in schools, offices, hospitals and other non-domestic facilities.

Mineral wool solutions for insulation offer the highest levels of noise absorption and reduction in new construction or in existing buildings via retrofits to improve sound insulation as well as


Insulation can aid in creating dry, comfortable indoor spaces and structures and can have an enormous impact on the overall health and well-being of their customers.

In preventing air leaks, uncontrol condensation , and the possibility of mould mildew, spores or organic compounds, an well-insulate and airtight building envelope can contribute to the health of the building especially when it is couple with a well-design installation of the solution and a control air-flow system.

The mineral wool products we offer for insulation offer all of the above advantages and more due to the ECOSE(r) Technology we use ECOSE(r) Technology they help to improve the standards of quality indoor air. In addition, they were the first in the world to receive the Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Comfort.

Why Do We Need To Use Insulation?

Insulation is beneficial for many reasons; for one, it plays a major role in maintaining a constant temperature throughout a building throughout the year, keeping out the heat during summer, and shielding against the chill in winter.

A properly insulated structure will need significantly less cooling or heating and, consequently, will be more energy efficient which makes it more comfortable while cost-effective in the process.

How It Works

The heat always flows from regions with high temperatures to those that are lower in temperature and that is why when the temperatures are cold outside during winter months, heat within a structure will attempt to escape through windows, walls or roofs, as well as floors and roofs.

But, it also happens in the summer months when the hot air from outside attempts to enter a building, creating the interior environment becoming warmer. 

The mineral Wool insulation is not a good conductor of heat, which means that cold or hot air cannot pass through it, leading to an unchanging temperature inside the structure.

Apart from its thermal advantages mineral wool insulation also plays an important role in the safety of fires, as it’s also extremely effective in decreasing noise pollution. Different insulation materials can provide different fire safety, thermal and acoustic efficiency levels.

What Are The Advantages Of Utilising Mineral Wool Insulation?

There are a variety of insulation: Mineral Wool (Glass and rock) PIR, PUR, XPS and EPS. Each type of material comes with its own benefits that can be good for users according to their needs.

Because of its nature mineral wool insulation offers the ideal combination of fire, thermal security, and acoustic performance.

It is also easy to install because its fibrous construction is able to fill the area, meaning that any flaws that may occur during installation are mask and will give you a more real-time performance.

It is important to remember it is construct from recycle and natural materials mostly recycle glass to make Glass Mineral Wool and volcanic rock, and a growing proportion of recycle material from slag. an unusable product of blast furnaces, to make Rock Mineral Wool.

Knauf Insulation Sets Industry Standards

Installation Is Simple And Easy To Do

Provides excellent coverage performance as well as an easy installation that will not interfere with the building’s users.

With Knauf siniat weather defence Installers have access to an entire range of easy-to-install products, and also enjoy additional value services like sophisticated blowing and carding equipment as well as an accessory called the KI Spot Protector accessories that ensures the robust insulation of recessed spaces and D7


It shows very little or no settlement over time. It is classified as S1


Constructed out of recycling glass, quarry sand and recycled plastic (not Seabed Sand) SUPAFIL is 100% recyclable


Classified as A1 for reaction to fire, but does not demonstrate any propensity for continuous burning

Resistant To Water And Rot

Resistant to microbes, fungi as well as degradation and mould. It is not able to absorb and hold moisture and deter rodents as well as insects, without treatment

Products Made Of Earthwool For Insulation And Their Applications

Soundshield plus plasterboard is designed to be used in a variety of ways that include commercial, home industrial and residential. It comes in a wide range of kinds and R-values that can meet the requirements of your house.

If you reside in London we suggest installing a minimum of R2.5 in both the exterior and interior walls of your house as well as at a minimum R3.0 to be use for insulation of the ceiling, and an absolute minimum of R2.5 in the underfloor area. 

Meta title- The primary capability of insulation is to offer warm effectiveness

Meta description- Knauf performance plus is the sole creator for Earthwool Insulation, which is protection made of glass wool

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