Why Isn't My Thermostat Turning On? Try These 7 Easy Solutions

Last Updated on December 21, 2022 by Hammad Hassan

The thermostat of your AC or HVAC unit has a very vital role to play. In other words, you can say the thermostat is the manager of your home’s heating and cooling unit. In order to raise the temperature of the unit or any other work, it is the thermostat that delivers the message to the system and also activates the HVAC unit to finish the task. Apart from that, it also tells other parts of the unit what to do at what time. In short, it is very important for the thermostat to work correctly in order to keep the home comfortable.

When something went wrong with the system, most of the individuals thought that the thermostat of the unit had some issues.. However, it is true also as the thermostat is the most vital component of the heating and cooling system. Moreover, some of our population are unaware of the thermostat, and because of which, they panic. But don’t panic; we are there to help you out so that you can live your life to the fullest!

According to experts, the thermostat won’t turn on for various reasons. So, in order to fix those issues, let’s talk about some of the thermostat issues and their solutions so that you can fix them and enjoy your life at your best.

  1. Change batteries

If you are noticing the LED screen of your thermostat is blank, then there is a good chance or indication that the batteries of the thermostat are dead. Moreover, if the screen is a little bit lit, there is also an issue with the batteries. According to the professional thermostat repair expert, if you want the thermostat to work correctly, its voltage must be high.

The best solution to fix and confirm these issues is to take the help of a battery tester if you own one. However, if you don’t have one, then simply change the batteries and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

  • Make sure the furnace switch is offering power to the system.

Sometimes the thermostat won’t work as there is some issue with your HVAC or air conditioner. If you notice the thermostat is not working, there is a problem with the furnace, and its switch may get turned off. That means if you want the thermostat to work correctly, ensure to take a look at the switch of the thermostat and check whether it is on or not. If it is off, turn it on so the thermostat will start working.

  • Tripped breaker

Some thermostats these days only take the help of batteries as a backup to save their programming when there is a power failure. In this case, if the unit’s breaker tripped, then the thermostat will not work.

To fix this issue, you have to check the breaker and if it is tripped, reset it so that the thermostat will start working. Also, make sure to find out the reason or cause of tripped breaker by visiting thermostat repair in San Diego.

  • Chances are you have the wrong thermostat.

If you have just replaced your thermostat, then it might be you got the wrong one which does not match your HVAC system. That means, sometimes, due to a mismatch between your thermostat and heating system, the components of the unit are not able to communicate with each other, because of which the system fails or faces some issues.

According to professional experts, two types of thermostats are used in HVAC units. They are: –

  • Low-voltage thermostats

They mainly operate between 24 V and 50 V and best work with the HVAC system that runs on gas, oil, and electricity.

  • Line-voltage thermostats

Well, these thermostats are used in HVAC units like baseboards and radiators. However, it only operates on 240 V.

So, to fix these issues, you need to visit thermostat repairs in San Diego as they will inspect the whole unit and then do the needful.

  • The thermostat is broken or faulty.

Sometimes due, for some reason, the thermostat faces issues because it is completely broken. That means the average lifespan of the thermostat is around ten years, and if your thermostat is more than a year old, it could be the issue of not working.

Some of the issues you are facing indicate the thermostat needs replacement. They are: –

  • There are constant temperature shifts
  • The system is turning on and off
  • The thermostat is not responding when you try to change the settings
  • The thermostat readings are going incorrect

If you are noticing the above issues with your thermostat, then surely it’s time to buy or replace your thermostat.

  • Check thermostat programming

If your home HVAC system thermostat is not working, it can be due to a programming error. That means, if you want the thermostat to work properly, it should be programmed correctly. According to experts, thermostats are pretty tricky to program, especially when you don’t know which mode is the best to make the home environment comfortable and relaxed.

So, to make it correct, refer to the owner’s manual in which you will learn basic steps. Moreover, if you are confused, don’t do anything with your thermostat setting and visit a professional thermostat repair in San Diego to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Ensure the airflow is correct

If the thermostat is not working, then ensure to check the airflow of the unit. Airflow plays an essential role in how your heating and cooling system works and is also responsible for supplying cool air to the home. However, if you are noticing the airflow is blocked, then it is sure that the unit is unable to satisfy the thermostat, because of which it is not working correctly.

To fix this issue, ensure to check the vents whether they are closed or open. Also, make sure to move various obstructions, which allows a steady flow of cool air to the rooms. Apart from that, check the filters as, with time, these filters get trapped with dust and dirt particles. If they are clogged, ensure to clean them as they reduce the cooling and heating capacity of the unit and also put a strain on the various components of the unit.

In both cases, you have to clean the filters and vents so that airflow will not get blocked and the thermostat will work properly without any issues.

The bottom line

After reading the above blog you might get the idea why your thermostat is not working properly. However, you can fix some of the thermostat issues yourself, but if you are not confident, then you need thermostat repair in San Diego. Now the question arises why only to call the professional for the job? Well, the answer to this question is quite straightforward: they are experienced, skilled and qualified in this field. . But the point is you must hire the best company for the work otherwise all your money will go in vain and again you have to call a professional for the work.

To get the best expert research thoroughly on Google or you can take the help of your friends to find the top-notch services that can offer the best work without making a hole in your pocket.

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