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When doing a construction project, whether it’s mega or simple, you definitely need all of the required professional skills onboard. Apart from being a requirement by the authorities to meet all of the standards, it is also good for the safety of the users.

Two of the most crucial professionals in a construction project include an architect and structural engineer. They offer consultancy services and supervise the construction to ensure that all standards are met. The architect prepares the construction drawings and plans and also helps in permission seeking before the construction project commences.

If you are planning to construct something, it is good that you know the various roles played by the architect and structural engineer. So, let’s dive straight into the roles of each of them.

Role of an Architect

Both the architect and structural engineer have separate roles in a construction project. When you hire a repeatable architectural company such as Humphreysandsons in the UK, then you should expect the experts to do the following for your project:

·         Draw designs – We all know that architects should are saddled with the task of drawing designs. In fact, the iconic constructions we see around the world are ideas of great architects. The client tells them what they want and then they draw the designs and plans while incorporating all of the requirements.

·         Help with permission applications – Most architectural companies know all of the processes involved while seeking approvals from the authorities. Hence, they help clients through this delicate process until they get approvals.

Roles of a Structural Engineer

As you continue to learn the roles of the architect and structural engineer, it is good to know about the latter in detail.

·         Comes up with structural requirements of the building – Do you know who dictates the number and size of columns or beams in a building? Or even the materials to be used? It is the structural engineer. Therefore, they are also involved in the planning of the construction project to avoid costly mistakes.

·         Offer advice as the construction is going on – The structural engineer supervises each step of the construction and offers to advise the client. They also make reports on each step and give recommendations to ensure that the project is up to the standards and that no step is skipped.

Joint Roles of Architect and Structural Engineer

Both the architect and structural engineer work together on many things for the success of your construction project. According to experts, these two works together from the preparation and drawing of plans to supervising the project.

They both attend the same meetings with the client and other service providers to assess the progress of the construction project, ensure that all standards are met, offer recommendations to challenges, and amend the project where necessary.


The architect and structural engineer work together, although they have individual roles specific to their skills. A construction project needs them both to work closely with the constructor and other service providers. Now that you know, it is time to hire the best for your project.

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