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Since the Face ID feature launch, many of us have been using it. It is one of the favorite security features used in iPhones the most. As many people face different issues with their iPhones, face ID issue is one of them. Often, individuals complain that their Face ID has stopped working after updating their iPhones or for no reason. If you fail to unlock your iPhone with your Face ID, or your apps are not downloading because of it, it is a problem that needs to be solved. Tech Emporium, a cell phone repair store in Burlington, On, provides several ways to fix the unresponsive Face ID issue. Let’s start fixing your problem without further ado. 

Ways To Fix The Face ID With Cell Phone Repair Store

If there is an issue with your software, you might encounter a Face ID issue. The solutions given below will help and guide you to fix this problem on your iPhone or iPad.

Reboot Your iPhone.

Before going into complications, just turn your iPhone off to fix the face ID issue. A cell phone repair store in Burlington, On, suggests rebooting to solve many problems. Rebooting will eliminate glitches and other software issues and fix the problem. To reboot, turn your iPhone off, wait for a few seconds and turn it back on and see if the problem has disappeared.

Clean the Face ID sensor.

The face ID sensor is given at the top of your iPhone. You touch your phone several times a day, and dust, debris, and dirt can get stuck on it, making it hard to sense your face. This issue mostly occurs when you use earphones for a long time and use the new “Dynamic Island” feature in your iPhone 14. Because of these reasons, the face ID stops working, and to bring it back into action, you must wipe and clean the Face ID sensor at the top with a soft or lint-free cloth. 

Remove the Screen Protector

Some people have a habit of using thick screen protectors, which is good for the security of your screen, but the Face ID sensor fails to sense your Face. Although no matter what screen protector you use, Face ID does not stop working. The phone repair store suggests that if you have applied a new screen protector and have been facing the issue since then, remove it and see if it is resolved. 

Don’t Block your face.

The new feature in iPhone 12, 13, and 14 recognizes your face even if you are wearing a mask. But it would be better if you didn’t block your face. Sometimes you try to unlock your iPhone with Face ID, but due to partial blocking, it does not identify your face. The cell phone repair center says that if you are wearing sunglasses, usually it’s not an issue, but some sunglasses are made to block the infrared light used by the sensor while sensing your face. That is why you encounter this problem. 

Got a Frozen iPhone?

If your iPhone is hanged, frozen, or stuck on one page, the face ID will not function. To fix the issue, you must force restart your iPhone by pressing the power and volume buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. This will fix the frozen phone and resolve the Face ID issue. 

Have you got your iPhone repaired by an unlicensed repairer?

If you were facing a problem with your phone screen, face ID, or software, and you got them fixed from an unauthorized and unlicensed repair shop, this might be an issue for you. Some illegal repair shops take the original spare parts out of your iPhone, change its settings and security features, and take extra money from you. If this has happened to you, unluckily restarting, removing data, or installing new iOS software won’t solve the issue. You have to take your phone to an electronic repair store in Burlington, On, to get the issue resolved by telling them everything honestly. 

Reset Your Face ID.

If your face ID shows the “unable to connect” option repeatedly, pair your face with your iPhone again. Once you change your Face ID, it is supposed to work perfectly. To change or pair the Face ID again, go to settings, Passcodes and Face ID, enter your password and reset the Face ID. Restart your phone and see if the Face ID is working fine. 

Update Your Software

The cell phone repair store in Burlington, On, recommends that if you have iOS software on your iPhone and the Face ID has stopped working, it means that there are glitches and bugs in the software. You can downgrade your iOS software to fix the issue or wait for Apple to send a new iOS software update so that you can resolve the issue. To update the new version, go to settings, software update, and install the latest software to fix the bugs.

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