induction motors
induction motors

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Induction motors are the most popular and frequently used in industrial applications. These motors are also employed in both domestic and business settings. In most circumstances, an induction motor is the most straightforward electrical equipment structurally. When the stator’s magnetic field cuts the stationary rotor, it induces an electromagnetic field into the rotor. It then creates a magnetic field that allows the rotor to move at the same speed and force as its magnetic field. Now that you know what an induction motor is, here are some advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of an Induction Motor

The induction motor has various advantages due to its architecture and supply of electric power.

Operational Simplicity

There is no electrical connector to the rotor that supplies power. The movement of the transformer performed on the rotor induces a current. This is due to the low resistance of the rotating coils. Thus, the operation of the induction motor is straightforward. Self-starting motors are induction motors. As a result, the effort required for maintenance may reduce.


Another significant advantage of an induction motor is its durability. This makes it an excellent machine for a variety of tasks. As a result, the motor can run for many years without cost or maintenance. For example, suppose the motor operates under normal conditions and meets the manufacturer’s specifications. In this case, it can last 15 years or more.

Low Price

Induction machines are quite inexpensive compared to synchronous and direct current motors. This is owing to the induction motor’s simple construction. Because induction motors do not use brushes, commutators and slip rings, they are less expensive. As a result, these motors are mostly used in fixed-speed applications in industrial and commercial.

High Torque during Start-Up

The induction motor has a strong beginning torque. Thus, it is ideal for applications with a load provided before starting the motor. Furthermore, unlike synchronous motors, three-phase induction motors feature self-starting torque. On the other hand, single phase induction motors lack self-starting torque. Instead, they must rotate with the help of some auxiliaries.

Low Operating Costs

Induction motors, unlike dc and synchronous motors, need no maintenance. This is because an induction motor’s construction is relatively simple. Hence maintenance is straightforward, resulting in cheap maintenance costs. Besides, they need no maintenance, unlike dc and synchronous motors, due to the absence of brushes, commutators, and slip rings.

Drawbacks of an Induction Motor

One of the primary disadvantages of induction motors is that speed control is difficult. As a result, they use DC motors instead of induction motors for precision speed control applications. However, variable frequency drives with induction motors are now employed in industries for speed control.

3hp induction motors have a low starting torque and a large inrush current. As a result, these motors are rarely employed in applications requiring large starting torques. The starting torque of the squirrel cage induction motor is low. Additionally, these motors draw high inrush current resulting in huge transient voltage dips during start-up. However, this effect can be mitigated.

Induction motors always have a trailing power factor. Under light load situations, they have the weakest power factor (0.2 to 0.4 lagging). Low power’s downsides include increased I2R losses in the system and decreased system efficiency. As a result, some power factor correction equipment needs to be near these motors to provide reactive power.

Induction motors power about 70% of the machinery used in industry today. The most significant advantage of an induction motor is its straightforward construction. Moreover, its simple structure comes with even more benefits and low maintenance costs. Thus, it is safe to say that induction motors are more helpful than disadvantageous.

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