Family Tree Drawing

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How to Draw A Family Tree. Learn how to draw a beautiful family tree with easy, detailed instructions, video tutorials, and Christmas Coloring Pages. Now you can easily create a beautiful family tree drawing. A family tree, also called a family tree, is a visual representation of family relationships. These graphs are often presented in the form of a literal tree.

The oldest generations are at the top. The branches come from both parents to connect with their children below them. The younger generation may be on the trunk, where the graph centers. 

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Learn About Its Importance

Creating your family tree is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. Family trees are part of the study of genealogy – the origins of the family and its history. For example, genealogies have long been maintained to trace the royal lineage of kings and queens. Nowadays, many people enjoy studying their family history as a hobby. They see it as a way to reconnect with their past. Want to draw a cartoon of your family tree? Family trees are a great learning project at home or school. This simple step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial will show you how.

You Will Need:

  • A Pencil
  • Pen
  • Marker
  • Pastels
  • A Sheet of Paper

Instructions for Drawing A Family Tree

Step 1

Begin by drawing the roots of the tree. Draw two curved lines and connect them with a series of curved lines at the bottom.

Step 2

Begin by removing the chest of the tree. Use overlapped curved lines to form the tree node.

Step 3

Use overlapping curved lines to draw the trunk’s remaining side and its branch’s base. Next, draw the underside of the tree’s leaf crown. Use a series of connected curved lines to draw the cloud-like shape.

Step 4

Proceed to draw the leaf crown of the tree. Use a series of connected “U” shaped lines to outline the large, round, cloud-like shape in your Family Tree.

Step 5

Complete the outline of the treetops. Use a series of connected curved lines. Next, draw a banner under the tree. Use four stripes to outline a little flat rectangle.

Step 6

Mark several ovals around the top of the tree. It is where you put the drawings or photos of your family members. Finish off the ends of the banner ribbon. Draw a banner shape at each end. First, draw a square open on one side. Then enclose the remaining side with a “V” shaped line, pointing inward.

Step 7

Attract more ovals on the tree to house more family associates. Then write the term “Family Tree” on the flag.

This home tree is created to offer you, your parents, and your grandparents. You can customize your family tree with the number of ovals to match the number of your family members. In addition, you can personalize the banner with your family’s last name.

Step 8

Write the word “Grandpa” under the first and third ovals and the word “Grandma” under the second and fourth ovals. Use the names of your grandparents instead of the generic terms “grandma” and “grandpa.”

Step 9

Write the words “Mother” and “Father” under the ovals in the second row and “I” under the remaining oval. Personalize your family tree with your name and that of your parents.

Draw A Family Tree
Family Tree – Step 9

Step 10

Color in your family tree drawing. Color your family tree. What season is it? You can turn a tree green in spring and summer or a variegated tree red, yellow, or orange in fall.

Family Tree Drawing
Family Tree Drawing

Drawing Completed

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