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When you decide to get admission to a nursing school one of the most crucial stages is to get admission to the desired nursing school. The admission committee selects only a limited number of students based on their applications and application essays. You can send a compelling application to attract the committee. An application plays an important role in helping students get admission to their desired schools.

The application essay is a part of the application. This can be used to persuade the committee into selecting you as a student. This factor highlights the importance of the essay which is also known as a personal statement. The statement should be written properly with relevant information in it. It should be able to stand out amongst the huge number of applications from different candidates.

We will be answering the questions you might have in your mind related to the process of writing a perfect and compelling personal statement.

How to do proper planning for writing a personal statement?

Going through the guidelines

The first thing you must do is go through the guidelines provided by the school to which you are applying. Different schools have different requirements and different briefs given to the students. List down the requirements and formulate the perfect essay according to those requirements. This is going to help in customizing the essay according to the uniqueness of the different schools you are applying to.

Deciding the central point

Do not just start writing anything that comes to your mind. Decide what points you want to mention in the statement. You also have to decide whether the points are relevant to the requirements of the brief. Once you shortlist the things you will be mentioned in the essay, then you have to select a central point. The central point will be your selling point. It has to be compelling and should be able to grab the attention of the committee. This point should be able to justify why you are suitable for the institute.

How to start writing a personal statement?

Starting with the first draft

Once you are done planning the personal statement, you should start writing it. Write about all of the points you planned to include in your essay. This is going to be the first draft and it does not need to be perfect. Roughly pen down whatever comes into your mind that is relevant to the points you have planned to write down. Once you have all your thoughts written, then it becomes easier to organize all of the content, filter it, and edit it according to the changes you might like in it.

What to write in a personal statement?

Communicate through the statement

Communicate about yourself through the essay by making it personal. Share about your personal academic and professional experiences. Let the school know how you will prove yourself as a valuable asset by letting them know about your aims, goals, skills, and expertise. You can also mention why you have selected this degree and the school. Let them know about your accomplishments and certificates. Communicate with them and show your personality through a personal statement. Stay honest and true to yourself while adding information. Make sure all of the information is relevant to the requirements of the essay.

Highlight your empathy

As a nursing student, this is going to be highly essential to show empathy by sharing honest and personal experiences. A nurse must possess the valuable skill of showing empathy. Portraying that in your essay is going to attract the committee to your application. Through your experiences try showing your caring, kind, empathetic, and loving behavior. These are the essential qualities of a nurse and they are going to help in getting selected.

How do you end a personal statement for nursing school?

The ending, which means the conclusion of your essay is going to include a summary of the whole content. Justify your selection at the end of the essay and keep on showing empathetic behavior till the end. Let the committee know how you will be able to live your passion by studying at the school you are applying to.  As the name suggests, a personal statement is meant to be personal and it should include personal experiences and characteristics. Throughout the summary stay relevant to the brief. Let the committee know how you are looking toward the future and what you will be doing for the betterment of the world.  End the essay with a short positive note.

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