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Today’s market offers a huge selection of tree stands and other hunting solutions (ground blinds, elevated box blinds, etc.). The height of ladder platforms and suggested tree stand heights are equally variable. What height do your tree stands truly need to be, then?

Since there is no definitive solution to every problem, this is a topic that can be difficult to understand. To select the greatest decision for your hunting area, there are a number of variables to take into account.

The kind of tree you plan to use for hunting is first and foremost important.

You can still get away having hanging the tree stand low if you’re in a forest of pine or pine trees with dangling branches since they’ll probably offer a good amount of natural shelter. Making sure there are enough shooting lanes wherever you think the deer will move is all you need to worry about.

The taller you can position your tree stand, the better, especially in larger hard forests with trees who might not have any low-hanging limbs for shelter. 20 feet is frequently used as the standard. This will raise you high since out of any nearby deer’s line of sight while yet being manageable for a hunter to reach.

When utilising a climber, your options are constrained by the tree’s form. With a climbing stand, it is obvious that you cannot ascend beyond any branches, but you should also consider any significant knots or other irregularities in the tree’s trunk. They may also provide difficulties.

Personally, I prefer higher. I was in open woods without a low canopy to offer any kind of cover, and depending on the day, a deer may or may not see you at all. The movements you’re making will determine a lot of this. I would rather be at about 25 or 30 feet if any feasible because of this.

In the event that I do need to relocate or make other modifications, but the farther I am in a deer’s sight line, the better off I am. But when shooting from these heights, you should absolutely think about how you’ll need to adjust the shot angle. Extra practice from an elevated stance will be very beneficial.

A seat belt system is something I ALWAYS utilise to make sure I’m safe. These items are made by a number of different companies, and they are both equally effective in keeping you safe when you hang the stand, enter and exit it, and hunt from it.

What you want and need to understand is that hanging tree stands will be amazingly simple and much safer for you if you use a lineman’s belt that can be fastened to your harnesses and around the tree.

Once the stand is set up, check to see whether the tree has a safety strap you may use to fasten your harnesses to while hunting. A life line is the last component of this safety system. These ropes are available for purchase, or you may create your own lifelines. These 30 foot long rope kits are produced by a number of different firms. As you climb, you may slide a prusik knot up or down the rope in this system of ropes.

The knot is made to slide while no weight is supported but catches when force or weight is added to it, such as during a fall. This will provide the highest level of safety during your climbs since you will always be attached to the tree in some way.

These pointers ought to make your tree stands more efficient and secure in fall. Seek for more blogs like this one visit

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