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Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Ali Hamza

It’s the version that has been modified by WhatsApp which is the most effective for performance. It isn’t available in the Google Play store, however the app can be downloaded on third-party websites. You should be careful when selecting the correct package that includes that GBWhatsAPP APK . If you are not careful, you may download malware-infected downloads.

WhatsApp began to appear on the horizons of connectivity, and it engulfed everyone with its end-to-end encryption. The most significant benefits were time of delivery and the blue ticks which indicate that the message has been read. At first, WhatsApp charged a fee for its messaging service, however later , it began offering services at no cost. However, users demanded more features. This is why developers developed modifications to GBWhatsApp.

GBWa is a wildly popular MOD application. It’s a name: GBWhatsapp Apk and began dominating over a lot of Android smartphones only the launch of a few months. GBWhatsApp is the latest version of official WhatsApp. It comes with a variety of features that you’ve never experienced on your WhatsApp application. So Download GBWhatsapp Apk and enjoy all the amazing features.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

Many users believe that downloading an altered version of WhatsApp could result in a ban from the original application. This isn’t the case. We provide anti-ban APK download URLs on our website. It is easy to download and install this GB WhatsApp APK on any device and not be banned. It’s the version that has been modified by WhatsApp which is the best in terms of performance. GBWhatsapp Pro is not available in the Google Play store, however it is available for download on websites that are third-party. You should be careful when downloading the correct version for this GBWhatsAPP APK .

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

There are many additional features not included on the first App. We will show you the highlights with bullets. Here are some of the features.


It comes with a variety of privacy options. Like you can block your WhatsApp last seen date, block the blue tick that says Message and send a second tick messages delivered at any time. Do not worry about it, the person receiving the message is not informed of what you’ve done. This is the reason they are referred to as private features that you can customize. When you use the official WhatsApp application, not one feature is available in these.


It’s time to rid GBWhatsapp of WhatsApp’s irritant green interface. GBThemes feature lets you choose a stylish theme for your WhatsApp. There are many amazing themes that you can apply in just a click. When you install GBWa onto your gadget, you will discover a special option known as YoThemes. It lets you change the theme at any time.

Send Long Videos:

WhatsApp is a service that allows users to upload videos to 100 MB in size, but not more than that. It’s the most annoying feature that is not available for any other. What if, for instance, you’ve shot a video with a size greater than 100 megabytes? It’s not possible to share it via WhatsApp and you must upload it elsewhere and then email your link. However,GBWhatsApp allows you to send videos of up to 700 MB at once. No, I’m not kidding, and you can test it yourself.

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GBWa has an Emoji Variant that has many amazing emojis that are default. You can send hundreds of emojis to your contacts using this variation. We’ve shared only the Emoji Variant via our site. The only variant without Emojis that are accessible at our web site. Therefore, you are able to download any of our packages Emoji Variant. There aren’t all emojis with any other MOD application.

Freeze Last Seen:

If you don’t want to share your WhatsApp online You can freeze your Last Seen in just one click. It doesn’t matter whether you use WhatsApp and this feature is enabled it won’t show your profile online. The time when GBWhatsApp last will be at the time you turned on this feature. Isn’t that cool? I loved this feature. You can freeze the last time you’ve visited at any time and turn it off whenever you want.

Anti-Delete Messages:

In the first version of this messaging app when someone removes messages out of the conversation for all it is impossible to be able to read it. However, using this WhatsApp feature, you are able to still view messages deleted by the person at the other side. There is nothing to hide from you!

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What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a modification that offers additional features when compared to its predecessor messaging application. GBWA includes customizable options of every kind to make the application more engaging for users. These include themes, wallpapers, fonts, wallpapers and other options.

Is GB WhatsApp Safe?

It is true that GBWhatsapp is absolutely safe since it operates just like official WhatsApp but with a few additional advantages. It does not contain any type of virus that could cause harm.

How Can I Update GBWhatsApp’s New Version?

You can download the updated version on the official site and click to install.


WhatsApp is now the mainstay of modern communications. It is impossible to be an active person if you are not using the App. Furthermore, GBWhatsApp gives you more functions within your preferred App. Moreover you will enjoy more privacy and security. In addition, you get more than 20 functions in the modified version of WhatsApp. However, there are dangers of making use of this modified version. Most importantly, you may be blocked from the WhatsApp Plus app and cause damage to important information as well as messages. It is the reason you need to be aware of the risks prior to using GBWhatsApp since it’s not listed among the legal Apps. We recommend you consider both the advantages and disadvantages and then take a final decision.