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The most common error is that This version of Windows is not authentic. It can also be triggered by a pirated copy of Windows. If you are running an unlicensed copy of the Windows operating system. It’s easy to fix this copy of Window 7. We’re here to share with you two options to fix the Windows not genuine problem.

Once you install your Windows OS on your computer. It is necessary to activate it in a couple of days with the help of the activation key. Activation confirms that the copy you purchased is legitimate and licenced. Windows might display the message “This copy of Windows isn’t genuine”. The screen will turn dark and you won’t be receiving any updates, unless they are important security updates. It is possible to change the wallpaper but it will be a the black screen after 60 minutes. How do you fix this problem? Keep reading to see the cause of this error. by the copy of Windows.

These are various methods to fix the “This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine” error message. However, we have narrowed down the best one which we have tried with our laptop computer. These methods work with 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating systems. Examine the many techniques for resolving “This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine.”

1. Run slmgr -rearm Command

Even if you are on the original version of the Windows operating system, you may encounter the problem. The solution is simple. These steps can help you solve the “This copy Windows not genuine” error.

1. Open Promptas Administr.

2. Typ slmgr to rearrange the page, and hit

3. Wait for the Command completed successfully dialog box.

4. Click OK

5. Restart your laptop or computer.

After restarting your laptop or computer using this command prompt technique it is possible to fix the problem. This copy of Windows is not real. To avoid this error repeating itself, continue following the following steps.

2. Uninstall the KB971033 Update.

Microsoft regularly releases updates to combat pirates, malware and viruses by releasing updates. However, these updates may create a false results and expose your legitimate copy as fake. These steps will allow you to get rid of this Window isn’t legitimate error

1. Go to Settings from the Start menu.

2. 2. Click on the Update & Security tab, then choose Windows Update.

3. Click Update History to get a complete list of Windows updates.

4. From the list of installed Windows updates, look for the update named KB971033.

5. Double click on it and uninstall the update.

6. Start your computer.

This is how to fix “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine”. If the method above is not working, look at the below method which employs a third party software.

Final Words

For your computer’s security Make sure that you have a copy of Windows. If none of these methods worked for you, then install the Windows operating system by using USB or CD/DVD.

You can also try the following method if it doesn’t work for you. (Command Prompt)

Windows 7 build 7601 not authentic fix cmd free

So here below are some simple guides and efficient methods to get rid out of error completely from your PC. By disabling the option, we will help you get rid of error.

It is possible to return to the current version of Windows by running the slmgr command in the Command Prompt. This version of Windows is not a permanent solution. The uninstallation of update files can cause other programs to fail or data loss unexpectedly. To assure the safety of the procedure, utilise EaseUS backup software to restore the computer before erasing the update file.

Step 1. Select the ” Select backup content ” button to initiate backup. Both local and network files will appear in the lower left. Expand your directory to select files to backup. Step 4. Step 4. Follow the guide on screen and select the location to where you would like to save your backup.

Click ” Options ” to encrypt the backup by using passwords in ” Backup Options “. Set the schedule for backup and choose to start back up at an event specified within the ” the Backup Scheme “. There are many more alternatives you can consider modify the backup procedure depending on your requirements. If you wish to back up data to the cloud of a third-party, select Local Drive. Scroll down to add a Cloud Device, add your account.

EaseUS also provides cloud drives. Click “Backup Now” to begin backup. When the backup is finished, it will display as an image on the left side of the screen. To control the backup task right-click it. After you have installed all updates, remove the update “KB”. This should solve the issue. This version of Windows is not genuine, error message.

Enter rsop. Wait until the command is finished, then restart the computer. Once you have solved the issue, we suggest disabling automatic upgrades. Disabling automatic updates will not permit users to update the version of Windows or receive security. It won’t stop you from getting the Windows copy is not genuine or error message. Click services. These methods should help you solve the issue. Windows 7 build This copy of Windows isn’t the original error message.

EaseUS Todo backup can be used to create copies of all your data. And Windows in order to prevent any data loss. With the help of this powerful backup tool. You can keep your data safe and retrieve it in the event of unexpected circumstances. How can I correct this issue? Windows 7 is not genuine build?

Check first that Window 7 is genuine. Once you’ve entered the above command into the command prompt window. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to run it. Following the confirmation box, information about command execution will be presented. Restart your computer. You will not receive the error in the future like Windows 7 build or Windows XP.

Normally, windows update settings remain to auto-download and install updates , that install the latest security on a regular basis. Microsoft releases updates to combat counterfeit license keys as well as operating system installation. Sometimes, these updates give false positive results. And your legitimate and original product key expires, and Windows 7 displays the error “not genuine.” If your Windows 7 becomes non-genuine after updating it, take these steps to fix this error-.

If you upgrade Window 7 again then the issue will be there. The professional backup tool is able to perform file backup, system backup and disk backup. The corresponding restoration is also included. Multiple backup modes – automatic backup, incremental backup and differential backup – are able to be made. Furthermore, disk management is enabled if you choose the backup method. Download a free copy.

Next, choose the backup destination and the storage location on the Backup page. All system partitions will be selected by default. If you need to backup files, navigate to the Source area and choose the relevant kind. Go back to the Backup page and Click Back up Now to start the backup. Window 7 should now be equipped to recognize and correct the problem.

The steps below are a good way to eliminate the message, if it is still present. A Windows 7 not genuine removal program that is already incorporated into Windows may be used to make Window 7 authentic. You can activate it each month for 3 times.

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