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A concrete grinding machine is an effective tool utilized to polish, smoothen, and clean the floor. It is fitted with horizontal grinding discs which spin to grind rough edges and bring leveled surfaces. The diamond grits fixed in the disc help to make the glossy flooring.

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Moreover, keep reading the article to know how you can use the concrete grinding machine to grind your concrete floors.

Ways To Use Concrete Grinders For Floor Grinding


The concrete grinding machine is an extremely powerful tool and quite challenging if not used correctly. Always check the user manuals for the right direction on using the grinder properly. Additionally, you can know about all the features and its appropriate use.

In addition, it is very essential to check on the grinding machines thoroughly. Make sure no cables are damaged and no dirt is accumulated on extractor vents.

Moreover, it will be best to go through the following questions before proceeding with the concrete grinding process. Not only will it save your expenses and time but also prevent making mistakes. Such questions are:

• How large is the floor surface?

• Does the floor demand patching?

• Do the expansion joints need a sealing or left open?

• How rough is the concrete surface?

• Are there corners?

By getting the answers to all these questions, you can easily analyze which concrete grinding machine will be best for your project. Additionally, what type of diamond disc or blade are best, and how long the process will take time.

Do remember that proper preparation of the surface plays a significant role in the whole grinding process. So, you can apply concrete overlay over the existing concrete for protecting the floors. Epoxy fillers or sealants can also be used to fill up the holes and cracks.

Besides this, before moving on, ensure the floor is clean. With the help of an electric pressure washer, clean the whole gathered dust. Furthermore, to prevent the diamond disc from moving over the hard pieces of aggregates, use the wire brush to clean them off in advance. This way you can maintain the work efficiency of the machine and extend its lifespan.

Wheel Settings

Usually, the concrete grinding machine consists of two wheel settings. One for the sharp grinding work and another for the rough shaping. Make sure to use the suitable one for each work. Both can be effortlessly changed for different wheel functioning according to your preferences.

Select The Right Diamond Disc

Without a suitable diamond disc, you would not be able to accomplish successful concrete grinding using the grinders. Generally, there are three types of diamond discs:

General-Purpose Diamond Disc: It is an all-rounder and powerful enough to remove the tough epoxy, harsh concrete, and vinyl glue. This is the most commonly used diamond disc because of its versatility.

Carbide Diamond Disc: It has a coating of hard carbide, making it perfect for rough grinding work that is not possible using the general-purpose disc. This is mostly preferred to get rid of the hardest glues.

Floor Polishing Diamond Disc: It is utilized for wet and dry concrete grinding methods.

In the wet method, with the help of water, you can reduce the temperature level of diamond grits and clean off the dust. The water also lubricates the concrete grinding machine, thus, decreasing friction and potentially increasing the lifespan of the tool.

On the other hand, in the dry method, there is no use of water. Instead, a container equipped with a grinding machine accumulates the dust. After the process, you can throw the collected dirt away.

It will be best to execute both methods. However, for perfection, go for the dry method as the wet one is quite a messy procedure. In addition, this method makes the floor surface more glossy.

Start The Grinding Process

 Generally, there are three handle positions on a concrete grinding machine. These include:

●       an operating position(use in the machine)

●       a tooling position(eases to tilt the grinder up for changing diamond discs and pads)

●       a lifting position(makes it simple to uplift on and off lorry).

 Ready the concrete grinding machine by following the direction below:

●       Adjust the height of a grinding machine according to your height. It will ease the operating process.

●       If making use of a vacuum hose, ensure it is in the proper position.

●       Slightly tilt the tool back before you switch it on.

●       Press the green button to start the machine.

Note that all the concrete grinding machines come with an overload switch which automatically pops out if the machine mistakenly acts irregularly. If such a situation happens, allow the grinder to cool down. After a few minutes, pop in the switch back and continue the process.

Start the process by using the concrete grinding machine dry. Begin moving the tool from one side of the room to another. Avoid the circular motions as the result can be wheel marks on the floor surface.

Continue the grinding until the entire surface levels out and get free from imperfections. Do not miss to check the grinding blocks for even polishing. Remember to change them over time.

Firstly, use the hard grinding block, afterward switch to the finer one for smooth polishing. Typically, the fine grinding block consists of 350 to 1800 grits. The more the grits, the shinier the resulting floor surface.

Summing Up

With the help of the concrete grinding machine make your floor surfaces even, shiny, and clean. To utilize it to its proper potential, you must understand its every feature thoroughly. Additionally, learn the proper ways to handle this effective tool.

Do consider all these tips while renovating your existing home floors or adding a new one. Definitely, it will assure that your new flooring will last long with the grinding process.

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