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Commenting on blogs of other bloggers can aid in improving the SEO and expands the popularity of your page’s Facebook fans. It can increase the number of likes on your Facebook page also click here.

For instance, if you’re posting a comment on Digital Marketing Skill Institute Blog, make sure you include:

  • Your Facebook URL in your blog’s URL.
  • Not your home page website.
  • Landing page.
  • Blog home page.

Readers who find your comment fascinating will have more chances to like your Facebook page too!

Always share valuable content.

Don’t be afraid to publish content you know will benefit your site. But, you must consider acquiring more useful information for your readers. Here are some of the questions you should consider;

Do you know:

Do I want to share this with my colleagues?

What is it that gets people talking?

What are the latest trends in your area?

What kind of posts are other nonprofits making on Facebook?

How can we become useful or even essential in our local community?

If you are lacking ideas for content for your page on Facebook, you may take a look at my extensive checklist of Facebook page concepts for your company. The fact can be said that the content you post is the most important thing on Facebook. Take full responsibility for your content!

Find relevant Facebook groups that are related to your niche.

Facebook groups are a great method of promoting the page’s content and link.

Join an online group on Facebook which is relevant or relevant to your field of expertise. Be sure to visit the groups regularly and comment and post backlinks to the Facebook pages you have.

Create a Like button for your blog or website.

You already have a huge advantage if you’ve got your blog or website. You could always include a “Like” button on your website or blog to allow your fan page to increase. Always place a Like Page button in a well-placed position on your site.

This one isn’t so evident, but it is an easy way to earn “likes” when someone visits the site of an author they follow regularly.

If you’ve got a no-cost white paper, book, event or any other thing your brand produces, It’s a great idea to invite people to “like” the product so they can recommend it to their acquaintances. People are generally happy to recommend things they’re interested in and are eager to recommend.

For your homepage, the best option is to use your full “like” widget/plugin that Facebook offers. It allows you to display your Facebook feed and the number of fans who have liked your page.

Suppose someone purchases a product from you or sign-up to receive your newsletters and is in a state of “liking” you. This is the perfect time to put a “like” button on their face, or better, with a bigger box.

A good place, just like your home page, to place the “like” button at the top of your email newsletter with the most impact.

We are always updating the Facebook page.

This is the final method I employed to increase my page’s Facebook likes without spending any money on ads. To increase page engagement and likes, it is important to ensure your business is taken seriously, as nobody wants a boring Facebook page followerspro. A page that only posts content weekly is dead as a bird to me.

If you recall from section 2 above, I talked about how crucial it is to use your Facebook insights to determine what articles your readers read and when they consume your content the most. The frequency of updating your Facebook page should also be controlled by the insights you get from your page posts. Find out when your users are online the most often and when they visit your page.

Utilize Facebook ads to earn more likes.

I cannot afford not to include Facebook advertising in the list of options to increase the number of page likes.

According to Facebook, More than 1.7 billion people use Facebook daily. They utilize Facebook to keep in touch with their friends and family members, as well as other important things. Growing the number of page likes via Facebook advertising won’t only aid in increasing your profile. It will also help you find new customers and establish an effective and long-lasting connection with them.

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