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If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that’s specially designed for big hands, we’ve got you covered. These mice offer sensitivity modification and top-tier performance in a variety of sizes. Plus, they have a variety of grips to accommodate your unique hand shape. Best Gaming Mouse Providers By World PC Tech

Logitech G502 Hero

The Logitech G502 Hero is a popular choice among gamers because of its outstanding features. It is a powerful mouse with a 16,000 DPI Hero sensor, 11 customizable buttons, and adjustable weights. This mouse fits a wide range of hand sizes, and has long buttons for a more comfortable grip. In addition, the mouse has a thumb rest and a DPI shift button.

This wireless gaming mouse from Logitech is also a good option for gamers with large hands. It features the same fast response and smooth scrolling as a wired mouse. It is also made with the same Hero 25k sensor as the wired ones, and it has a tracking speed of 400 IPS.

SteelSeries Rival 310

The SteelSeries Rival 310 Big Hand gaming mouse is ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your hand perfectly. It uses Omron switches for a lifetime of 50 million clicks, and the buttons are easy to activate. However, unlike some mice, the Rival 310 does not have comfort grooves to keep your hands from picking up marks.

The mouse comes with a number of customizable features. Its scroll wheel has RGB lighting and the Steelseries logo at the rear. You can use the software to change the RGB color of the mouse to match your gaming style.

Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

The Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is a sleek and comfortable gaming mouse with a right-handed design and large rubberized side panels. It is the right mouse for people who want the ultimate in comfort and performance during long gaming sessions. While it does lack some features of other gaming mice, it is the perfect peripheral for most PC users.

The Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is large enough to fit most large hands, and it does have a deep groove for your thumb. It’s also wide enough to support your palm and fingers, and its contoured shape makes it easy to maneuver. It has a responsive PixArt sensor that delivers pin-point accuracy. It’s comfortable even on surfaces without a mouse mat.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB Big Hand gaming mouse is a versatile gaming mouse with five big glide pads on the bottom panel and eight programmable buttons. It also has a clickable scroll wheel and three thumb buttons. It comes with an adjustable DPI and surface tuning feature. Users can set the mouse’s DPI up to 12,000 and down to a specific level.

The mouse is made of high-quality materials and features a durable metal wheel. It also has a matte surface that minimizes fingerprints. Its ergonomic design and advanced customization features will make you feel comfortable when using it. It also has an adjustable weight system for a comfortable grip.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

The Razer DeathAdder Elite Big HandeD Gaming Mouse is a heavy-duty gaming mouse with numerous buttons. The mouse is versatile and works well with a wide range of games, both competitive and casual. However, it lacks the buttons needed for action role-laying games with large numbers of buttons.

The DeathAdder Elite is an upgraded version of its predecessor DeathAdder, which was designed for right-handed gamers. It has two under-thumb buttons on the left side and two small buttons beneath the scroll wheel. These are used to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse. More Info

The DeathAdder Elite features seven programmable buttons, but only three of them can be used freely. This makes the mouse unsuitable for games with quick actions and many controls. There are other gaming mice on the market with more programmable buttons and more customizable features. Those who want a mouse with customizable buttons should opt for a different mouse.

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