why bail is important
why bail is important

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When a criminal is released from custody, they are often set bail and given the opportunity to go home until their court date.

Shows about law and police work often depict courtroom scenes where the criminal is given bail as an option following their arraignment.

The purpose of bail is to make sure a person does not miss out on their trial when there have been accusations against them.

The accused must pay a certain amount of money in order for their case to go ahead and it can only be reimbursed if the person is found innocent.

Why is bail an essential part of the criminal justice system?

Well, it’s been around since the first cases took place. Here’s why it’s important to every criminal case.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The presumption of innocence is important because that is the justice system’s main goal – to protect the innocent and keep the public safe.

One of the basic protections afforded to everyone, guilty or not, is the presumption of innocence.

The innocent until proven guilty mantra is important for the criminal cases as well.

When someone is arrested, they are not convicted of any crime or presumed to be a guilty person.

They are simply arrested and in the custody of authorities so that they might stand trial for the crimes for which they were accused.

It is thus not right to hold an innocent person in prison without conviction.

The assumption of innocence benefits the justice system, but it can also come with challenges.

Someone who already knows they are guilty could be in danger of running away or hiding before being convicted. They could also put others at risk while waiting for trial.

Bail is a legal measure that allows an individual who has been accused of a crime to be released from jail and appear in court when they are called.

This balances the scales of justice so that those who have been charged are considered innocent until proven guilty, while also still protecting the safety of the public by ensuring they can show up to their hearing.

Discover how you can save money on bail

Bail has a number of criminal justice related benefits. Firstly, it reduces the burden on taxpayer by keeping people out of jail until their trial.

Secondly, it incentivizes potential criminals to behave since bail is a payment to ensure their release after an arrest.

When Bail Is Denied?

The Bail Reform Act of 1984, allows a judge to deny bail for potential repeat offenders, who show no remorse for the crimes they commit.

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If you are accused of the above crimes, the court might be less likely to grant bail.

However, for public safety, a judge will weigh evidence before making a decision and can deny bail based on circumstance.

People who are being denied bail are simply being detained and should not be punished before they have been convicted.

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If you want to move forward in the legal process, it’s crucial that you pay your bail as soon as possible. In the event that you or a loved one is arrested in for crime, bail bonds may be available for you.

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