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Tony Beets

Tony Beets is a legendary gold miner who was the subject in the Discovery’s Gold Rush documentary. The native of Holland was raised on an agricultural farm in the countryside. Beets were made to rise from milking cows and eventually being one of the largest gold miners of the region. Legendary gold producer from the Klondike Tony Beets net worth is estimated at fifteen million dollars in 2022. Beets have moved into Canada about 25 years ago in the Netherlands and is employed in Paradise Hill on the Paradise Hill claim.

He was a part of Gold Rush on the show’s second season. Despite the frequent expletives and temperamental personality, the show’s fans enjoy watching him perform his duties. Numerous other drilling families around the region admire Beets for advice and appreciate his long-standing experience working in the industry.

Early Life

Wijdenes, the Dutch town in which Tony Beets was born, is where Tony Beets was born. Previously, he said he was raised on a farm and milked cows. Later, he moved into Dawson’s Creek, Canada, where he was employed to operate machines, a farmer, and oil pipelines. Blue-collar employee because of his childhood, and he was comfortable working in places that required a lot of physical effort.

Personal Life

T Minnie Beets and Tony Beets have been married for over thirty years. It’s been about 30 years since they’ve been together. The couple has four kids. They are currently in season off in Arizona. Additionally, their children are involved with mining-related activities.

After his father suffered a catastrophic injury, Beets was left in charge of the family farm and in the unusual position of managing men older than he was. Beets have the drive and resiliency to succeed in one of the most cutthroat sectors in the world, thanks to the emphasis on hard work and solid values taught throughout his early years.

Tony Beets Net Worth

His shrewd attitude and deep understanding of mining have made him profitable; his company also has a high turnover rate because of Tony’s rigid attitude.

When Beets isn’t working for gold in the brutal Yukon landscape, he spends the off-season with his family in the house they share in Arizona. Tony has been married to Minnie for over 30 years. They have four children (Monica, Bianca, Mike Kevin, and Bianca Kevin). The majority of Tony Beets’ wealth comes from the operating and ownership of various Yukon gold mining operations. Beets also owns Schribner Creek and rents the land. Alongside the earnings earned from his business ventures, Beets earns an estimated $25,000-$75,000 per episode on Discovery. The estimated net worth of Beets is $15 million, which includes properties in the real estate market in Arizona.

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Beets relocated from his home in the Netherlands in 1984 and settled in Dawson Creek, Canada. Before climbing to the mining industry’s top, he was employed in various labor-intensive positions (construction machine operator and oil pipelines). He currently owns Tamarack Mine and Paradise Hill (tamarack is one of the most lucrative mines within the Klondike). He is a regular participant on the Discovery Channel’s popular program, Gold Rush. While gaining most of his fame through his appearance on the program, Beets earned local recognition before his debut on television due to his status as a leading figure in his field.

Beets made headlines and was charged with charges related to an act pulled off in the show Gold Rush that aired in 2015. When a subcontractor was allowed to inject gasoline into a dredge pond before burning it, Beets violated the Yukon Waters Act. He was found guilty in May of 2017 of charges of illegally disposing of waste and failing to report the improper disposal, in addition to two counts of failure to obtain the requirements of a water license.

Mark Favaron (Tamrock Subcontractor) stated that he asked Beets whether it was okay to inject the fuel into the water. He explained that he was offering the dredge a “Viking baptism to change its luck.” He was fined $31,000 in fines and penalties for the reckless incident and is still under the hot waters of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources.


When his father was injured in a fatal injury, Beets was forced to manage his family’s farm, putting himself in the circumstance of having to oversee men two times his age. Perseverance is a crucial component, as well as the values taught to him in his early years gave Beets the motivation and determination to conquer the world and succeed in one of the most challenging areas. In the words of Beets, “There are three types of people around the globe: Those who make things take place, people who sit for events to occur, and people who think about what happened. “


Tony Beets is one of the most popular Gold Miners within the Klondike region. He is also a prominent character in Discovery’s hit series, Gold Rush. As of 2018, the net worth of Tony Beets was estimated at 15 million dollars. Beets are not just a tough-minded mining professional despite his snarky commentary and tough-hearted character. However, he has become a regular on the network following his appearance in season 2 and is one of their most well-known celebrities.


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