The Kakegurui season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Other Info

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Kakegurui season1

With the final episode of Kakegurui Season 1, Yuuki Kaji (voice of Yumeko Jabami) and Saori Hayami (voice of Mary Saotome) appeared on stage to greet their fans. The voice actresses chatted with the audience about their experience working on this series, mentioning how much fun they had working together. They also talked about each character’s charm points and favorite scenes in the show so far.

Yuuki Kaji said that he always wanted to play a role like Yumeko who is pure at heart but hides her feelings behind a poker face. She would give off an innocent appearance while hiding her immense power inside, even though she gets all worked up over gambling games. She was also in awe of Yumeko’s voice actress Saori Hayami, who happened to be seated in the audience. She praised her impressive acting skills and said that she could learn a lot from her. Following her lead, the audience began chanting “Yumeko-sama”, much to their surprise!  (Note: The fans are calling for Yuuki Kaji to bow down before Saori Hayami out of respect.)

Saori Hayami commented on Mary’s secretive personality when gambling with others. She felt it would be difficult for anyone else to understand what is going on inside her head since most scenes with her are written in secrecy. There are many scenes where she doesn’t explain herself clearly either through

Kakegurui season 2 reportedly in production:

The anime series “Kakegurui”, which has 14 episodes, is very popular among fans with its unique game of cards game. According to the news agency Oricon’s analysis on April 21 (last Wednesday), the collection demand for Blu-ray & DVD of the series “Kakegurui” in Japan ranked first in its weekly Blu-ray Sales Ranking for four consecutive weeks since it was released on March 20, 2018 . According to Amazon Japan’s initial data, the total number of copies preordered this time is 4 times higher than in an ordinary week.

It is reported that the second season of animation work will be produced in light of these popularity. In addition, the original author Homura Kawamoto and illustrator Tōru Naomura also released a new work for this television anime at “Young Gangan “magazine in February 2018 and it has been handed over to the publisher Square Enix after completion.  The company will be in charge of publication in May 2018.

Kakegurui season 3

“Kakegurui” is an anime in which students at an elite academy learn gambling skills rather than academic abilities. Before they graduate from the academy, they are encouraged to win money by gambling on the results of exams. Before Yumeko Jabami, a dedicated gambler and transfer student, enters the scene, the worse players suffer some deep humiliations. There are currently two seasons left in the original anime, which premiered four years ago in 2017. With it being 2021, the third season is about to debut, following the second season, called “Kakegurui xx.”

What is the ralease date Of Kakegurui season 3?

“Kakegurui” Season 3 isn’t confirmed until Mappa, the studio that produces the show, or Netflix, the company licensed to stream it outside of Japan, makes an announcement of its renewal. There is a lot of source material in a manga series, such as “Kakegurui,” which has been renewed 14 times for a total of 82 chapters. For the most part, the anime covers about 56 episodes, but there are some differences between the manga and the anime. Thus, practically enough material remains to cover the next season. Both the first and second seasons diverged at the end (perhaps by assuming the show would not be renewed). The material would certainly be sufficient to fill three seasons if it happened again. 

The popularity of the series is uncertain, however. Viewing numbers are not disclosed by Netflix (and a number of shows have been canceled recently). It is not always reflected by good reviews and ratings where the audience size and number of viewers is concerned. It is estimated that a 2022 release would be possible if Mappa announces a renewal today. 

Kakegurui’s season 3 introduces a new cast

Yumeko is a young, just, and kind girl whose arrival at school changes everything for her. She is voiced in the Japanese version by Saori Hayami and in the English version by Erika Harlacher. As a result of her gambling prowess, she has accumulated slaves over the past two seasons; however, these people have also become her friends.

As well as the main character, a mysterious antagonist appears. He is Rei Batsubami (Roni Pak). Several fans speculate on Reddit that she was introduced just so that the show’s final two episodes would be prolonged, although it certainly left the door open for future episodes. As another antagonist, Kirari Momobami (Miyuki Sawashiro) is the Student Council’s president, who decrees what is known in Japan as “house pets”, a system of dominance that had Suzui terrified at the beginning of the series. A large part of “Kakegurui”‘s Season 2 was devoted to the president of the company.

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Kakegurui Season 3 plot

Fans of “Kakegurui” seem to have liked Season 1 and its conclusion (via My Anime List) more than what followed if a third season wasn’t greenlit. Season 2 ends with a little confusion regarding the events that occurred. A major problem appears to be that the last episodes of “Kakegurui xx” weren’t based on the manga, as the manga didn’t quite catch up with the anime.

The episode ended with a coin toss between Rei and Yumeko in which Rei staked 3 million yen (and her livestock status) and Yumeko staked the family reputation: should she lose, she would be banished from the family and become a Batsubami. Yumeko may have won, but she’s lost a bunch of votes to others afterward when she gambles. At the same time, Kirari is impressed with Rei’s determination and allows her to choose a new name and become human again. 

There would most likely be the third season for this shonen anime. Rei’s presence, however, represents a substantial departure from the manga, so it is hard to predict how events will correspond to the following chapters, which include another election showdown, as well as more drama for Mary and the Momobami sisters. 

Is Kakegurui over?

Kakegurui hasn’t been fully canceled either, while we’re on the subject. Netflix is brutal when it comes to canceling programs, but we don’t need to worry since if Netflix chooses to do so, it usually happens quite quickly.

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