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Packing moving boxes: this not only takes a lot of time but also a lot of energy. Many people often do not know how to approach this smartly and what is the best place to start during a move. As a result, certain schedules can quickly get messed up, and the move can cause a lot of stress. That is why we have collected a number of tips that will hopefully make packing the moving boxes a lot easier for you!

Room by room: keep the overview

Our advice is not to just ‘start somewhere’ while packing things. The most efficient way to pack is to do this room by room. It would be much easier to keep all the things that belong together.

Start on time

We can’t emphasize it enough that you’ve been packing moving boxes longer than you think. Therefore, start well in time. A few weeks before the planned move date is not too early. The first thing you can do is pack the things you don’t need anymore. Think of camping gear, Christmas items, winter or summer clothing, books, DVDs, and games or things that are in the attic almost all year round.

Labeling moving boxes

Make sure every moving box has a tag, label, or lettering. Preferably on multiple sides so that it is clearly visible from multiple angles. It is wise to label the moving boxes to make it easier for yourself or someone else who helps to move. Therefore, use a marker (or stick a sticker) on the moving box to indicate which room in the new house the box should be sent to.

This not only makes unloading a lot easier but also ensures that the moving boxes are immediately in the right place. Bedrooms, for example, can be numbered in a simple way: bedroom 1, bedroom 2 and bedroom 3, and so on. Next to the bedrooms, you then hang up the number so that the people who help or the movers know where each moving box has to go. This numbering makes moving and moving the moving boxes a lot more efficient.

Fragile Objects

You should, of course, be extra careful with fragile objects such as crockery and glassware. It is therefore recommended to use wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap. If you don’t have enough, you can also put cups and saucers in socks or roll them in paper or pieces of newspaper. If you need to pack larger, fragile items such as plates, it is best to use tea towels and hand towels.

Start storing newspapers or other paper on time. You will soon have quite a bit of paper at home, so you can save costs for buying wrapping paper. If you want to buy other protective packaging materials like chilled packaging boxes, mattress and rug storage bags, TV covers, etc., visit

Disassembling stuff

Many objects are easy to pack and transport, but unfortunately, there are also objects that are more difficult to pack. Some objects still need to be unscrewed or removed. Below you will find some examples:


Take out the lamps and wrap them separately with wrapping paper. It is also best to pack lamps that are on a standard separately from each other. Otherwise, there is a chance that the stand will twist the lampshade;


Place several small plants together in one box next to each other, so they do not move during transport. It is best to transport large plants separately. To be safe, you can loosely wrap wrapping paper around the leaves and trunk. This prevents damage.

Mirrors and canvas photos:

Place the frames on the side in the moving box. This prevents pressure from above, which can cause it to tear. In addition, you have less chance that something falls on the moving box and a mirror can break. With a mirror, it is recommended to clamp it between Styrofoam;

Transport large or very valuable paintings separately and not in a moving box. Wrap it in towels or bubble wrap just to be safe.

Let a Recognized Mover help you.

Could you use help packing your moving boxes? Many moving companies now also offer packing services. With this, you are completely unburdened in packing your things. Reliable and professional movers ensure that your belongings are safely packed and transported to your new home. If desired, they can even unpack the items for you and install them in the desired rooms in your new home.

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