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You’ve just had your new furniture delivery and it’s time to pay the delivery men who brought it up your stairs, through the doors, and into your home. But should you tip furniture delivery guys? Who do you tip the driver or the off-loader? Are there etiquette rules to follow when tipping furniture delivery people? We answer all of these questions and more in our guide on whether or not you should tip furniture delivery people.

Should You Tip Furniture Delivery Guys?

Most of the time, they should be tipped at least $5 to $10. Tipping should be based on how hard they worked and what type of job they did. There are a lot of factors that can affect the price when tip furniture delivery, such as: where your home is located (city, suburb, or rural area), how many pieces there are, and if it was a rush order for example.

The Delivery Company Doesn’t Care

You should never feel obligated to tip the person who brought your new couch in for the day. In fact, if anything, they probably should be tipping you for all of the extra work their job entails. When delivering a piece of tip furniture delivery, there’s generally a lot more than meets the eye involved that can create an unpleasant situation. With one wrong move and that expensive sofa is permanently scuffed or damaged to an unusable state. More so, when this happens in front of a customer’s face, it reflects poorly on both parties: the company and customer alike. If you’re asking yourself Should I Tip Furniture Delivery, keep this advice in mind.

Save Yourself the Hassle

Tipping furniture delivery drivers is a way to say thank you for all their hard work. A couple of dollars can be the tipping point in having your furniture arrive on time and look great. It is worth it to invest in the tip if it means not waiting another day for that dresser, bed frame, or couch. If unsure about the etiquette, follow up with the company who delivered your tip furniture delivery for information on what’s expected from customers.
But don’t tip if: You are not completely satisfied with your purchase because these days tipping is just as much a sign of appreciation as it is an incentive for service.

How Much Should I Tip?

When a service provider delivers your furniture, it’s expected that you will tip them for their hard work. Even if they do have their own fee built into the delivery price, it’s a nice gesture to leave a few dollars extra. For example, if they charged $400 and the driver charged $50, then feel free to leave them an additional $5-10 on top of that in appreciation for their hard work.

What If They Screw Up My Order?

If the customer has received their shipment and there are no damages, then they do not need to worry about tipping. If there are any damages or broken pieces, they should reach out to the company and they will be happy to replace the damaged pieces at no cost to the customer. However, if someone were to receive a damaged item on delivery, they should still take pictures of the damage and send them in as soon as possible. If a company is aware of an issue before someone tips them then it can allow them to quickly fix it without delay.

What if They Break Something?

Who should I tip to take care of the items during transit? Tip between $10-$25 for this service, depending on the length of transport. If any additional help is required to get the item up to your apartment (e.g., pulling a trolley) consider adding an extra $5-10 onto that person’s wages. When should I expect someone from the company will arrive? Generally, you can find this information under T&C on their site or by checking in with them directly via email or phone prior to booking. Once I’ve tipped what more is expected? For most deliveries, all that’s expected is for you to be present and ready at your address during the hours specified in advance.

Common Questions About Furniture Delivery Tips

How much should I tip the delivery people?

The level of gratuity is up to the customer’s discretion. The best way to figure out how much to leave is by asking what other customers typically do when making this kind of purchase. Don’t feel obligated to leave a large tip for two reasons:

1. If it feels awkward or if you don’t like handing money over as your final goodbye.

2. if the drivers/delivery people are not doing a great job, then that means they might not deserve your larger gratuity either.

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