Microwave oven repair
Microwave oven repair

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Ovens are one of the most important household appliances. Knowing how to fix the most common oven problems can be a helpful skill when problems arise. And you save yourself from availing of the Microwave Oven Repair Service. Here we share troubleshooting guides and provide helpful maintenance and repair solutions to keep your oven in good working order.

Think about safety! Always unplug the appliance from the power source before beginning to repair the oven. If the oven is hard-wired, turn the Oven circuit breaker off. This ensures safety when working with electrical elements.

The oven is not working

If the oven won’t turn on, here’s a quick summary of the basics.

Check if the fuse is not brak or the circuit breaker has failed.

If your oven is plugged in, try connecting another device and see if it works

Use a multimeter to test the current through the port

If your oven has a circuit breaker, be sure to turn it on

Check the clock

Simple but forgettable oven repair! Some ovens will not work if the LED display clock is not set. If the clock is flashing, you may not be able to use the oven function. Set the oven time and test it again.

Check oven components

If the oven element fails or burns, the oven may stop heating. Then you will need Microwave Oven Repair Service, Perform a visual inspection and look for signs of damage. If the element is not glowing or producing heat, you will have to replace it. If the item is working. For example, if there is only one upper or grill element and no other element, this indicates that the element has worn out.

Wire or electrical problems can cause the oven to stop working. Gas ovens may not ignite due to worn or damaged ignition devices. If the above troubleshooting tips do not apply, contact a qualified service technician to properly diagnose and fix the underlying problem.

The oven door does not close properly

Have you noticed that your oven takes a long time to heat up or that your food cooks unevenly? The reason may be closing the oven door or the hinge.

Try these oven fixes! First, check the oven to make sure there is no food or debris in the gaps between the gaskets or hinges. Wash well with warm soapy water and a sponge.

Look closely at the door seal. If it is worn, cracked or damaged, it must be replaced by hiring a Microwave Oven Repair Service. Gentle tightening is required to remove the door seal. Some gaskets have hooks or small screws to hold them in place. After removing the sticker, the area can be cleaned. Use warm soapy water and a sponge. Then install the new door seal. You will need to align one of the corners to fit the gasket, then turn it and press it firmly to hold it in place.

Broken hinge

A broken hinge spring or a defective hinge can also prevent the oven door from closing properly. Many ovens will not work at all if the door is not closed properly. This is an easy way to distinguish single-blown items from door problems.

The oven temperature is unstable

If food is not heating to the correct temperature, the problem should be diagnosed. Usually, the cause is a temperature sensor, heating element, or gas oven. 

temperature sensor

The oven is equipped with a temperature sensor. This is the thin tube on the back of the oven that shows the oven temperature. The sensor could hit or hit the side of the oven. This can lead to incorrect temperature settings. If the sensor is bent or damaged, replace it with a new sensor by availing of Microwave Oven Repair Service.


Electric ovens typically have a baking element (located at the bottom of the oven chamber) and a grill element (located at the top of the oven chamber). You both need to heat the oven up evenly. Convection ovens have an additional element on the back around the fan.

You must replace the oven element when:

  • You notice that the item doesn’t glow bright orange when heated.
  • temperature differences during cooking,
  • Your item shows signs of wear.
  • To determine which oven element is not working, use the oven function selector to select each heating function in turn.
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