Protein Shakes

Last Updated on December 21, 2022 by Hammad Hassan

For most fitness and gym enthusiasts, a workout is incomplete without a protein shake with one or two scoops of protein powder in it. In earlier times, protein shakes weren’t really in the picture for people doing normal workouts other than bodybuilding, but the trend has changed. But why? We’re going to answer the question for you and tell you what protein shakes really are and why they are needed.

What is a Protein Shake?

Well, the classic protein shake is nothing but a few scoops of protein powder mixed in milk or water. People also throw in different kinds of dry fruits, peanut butter, fruits or anything healthy that makes the shake taste better and also does something good for the muscle. There are also different varieties of protein-packed liquids available in the market today. 

Why is Protein Shake needed?

The primary purpose of a protein shake is to help you increase your protein intake, which aids muscle recovery after a workout and also helps with muscle growth and other functions in the body.

Protein shakes are taken before or after a workout session. During exercise, the protein in the body breaks down, and intake of protein shakes helps get the protein back and also repairs the muscles that get sored down while working out.

Protein shakes are delicious to drink and help your muscles recover timely. They even act as a meal replacement if they have a good calorie content in them.

Which Protein Shake is Best?

Making your own protein shake at home is the best option because you know what you’re putting in there. Different varieties of pre-made protein shakes are available in the market, but the sugar content in them might be high due to the flavours. Nothing beats a fresh protein shake made at home with your own personalised nutties, taste and requirements. To prepare a protein shake at home, you either need a blender, or an even easier way is to get a protein shaker bottle. Check out the Best protein shaker bottles in India to get your hands on the best protein shaker bottles available in the market today.  Having a blender bottle or a protein shaker bottle makes it convenient to take your protein to the gym, mix it well and have it just after the workout then and there.

Types Of Protein Powders Used in Protein Shakes

The two most commonly used protein powders are Whey and Casein. The difference is simple. Whey is easier and faster absorbed than casein. If you are doing a regular, not very tough workout, casein protein powder will do the job for you.

 If you do a good amount of challenging and rigid workout routine, you’ll need whey protein to help your muscles recover immediately. People sometimes do more than one workout a day, whey is a good choice for them as well. 

Sometimes you can use whey after a workout and throw in casein protein powder when you go to bed to feed your muscles overnight. There are also powders available which are a mix of whey and casein.

Protein Powder Before Or After A Workout?

When you’re training your body more than a simple or usual workout, if it’s tough or more than once a day, it’s essential to feed your body 30 minutes after the session. Taking a protein shake after a workout is good, but it is said that taking it before or after has the same effect on the body. Taking a blender bottle or a protein shaker bottle makes it convenient to take your protein shake to the gym, mix it well and have it just after the workout.

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