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The AWS Solutions Architect Professional architect exam is one of the most difficult. But is also the most in-demand course in the cloud computing industry. There are numerous cloud computing companies, but Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular. It is due to AWS’s dominance in the public cloud market.

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is difficult because it requires hands-on experience to pass and obtain the certificate. You may not be able to pass the AWS-certified solutions architect exam. Just by simply cramming concepts or taking a series of practice exams. 

Amazon offers 11 certifications organized into four levels: Practitioner, Associate, Professional, and Specialty. The accomplishment of a professional course brings you closer to the specialty level.

Because the number of courses and content available to prepare for one of the most popular exams. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA), can be overwhelming. From AWS cloud developer to AWS DevOps cloud certification. The following is a comprehensive AWS Certified Solutions Architect guide to prepare for the AWS certification exam.

Some AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Preparation Tips

When you begin preparing for AWS certification, you naturally start reading more about it. Watching more online courses, performing more hands-on labs, and answering more practice questions; these activities provide a wealth of knowledge and experience. Let’s break down the preparation strategy for AWS certified solutions architect certification exam below for better understanding:

Must have Depth Knowledge of Important Topics

You must be able to design and deploy AWS systems based on application requirements. It is also necessary to be familiar with Linux, Windows, and a scripting language. A basic understanding of hybrid cloud infrastructure, cloud security, and the ability to guide best architectural practices across multiple applications are required.

The AWS certification course focuses a lot on Cloud Computing, AWS cloud, DevOps, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc.

Learn about the Exam Pattern

Amazon has released a blueprint detailing the weightage assigned to each domain. Obtain the course outline, prerequisites, and blueprint. It may assist you in passing the exam and earning the AWS Certifications from AWS cloud developer to AWS Certified Solutions Architect. You can use this to create an extensive preparation plan and define topics you may need to cover.

AWS Study Guide

Study materials cover and thoroughly explain every topic on the exam. It includes hands-on exercises to give you hands-on experience with the AWS console and hundreds of mock exam question series to help you prepare for the exam.

These information-dense study materials guide you through the AWS services like AWS cloud and cloud security that will appear on the exam and provide great explanations using slide decks, architecture diagrams, and AWS console walkthroughs.

Enroll in an AWS Training Course

Joining a quality AWS certification course can be the best way to get started on your AWS certification preparation, especially if you are having difficulty preparing for the course on your own. Fortunately, numerous helpful resources and AWS training courses are available, particularly online.  

Online AWS training with personalized attention and the most incredible flexibility is tailored to the aspirant’s needs, and the courses usually are led by industry experts. 

Examine Some Sample Questions

The AWS website contains a comprehensive list of sample questions. Download the questions and devote your energy to practicing and answering them. You can also take online practice exams.

Such tests assist you in identifying your areas of weakness and places where you may need to focus more. This raises your time management skills and overall score on the main exam.

There are study guides, too, including over 1000 mock questions, for extra practice. They provide a good representation of what to expect on the actual AWS training and certification exam. 

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Because AWS certifications like AWS DevOps cloud certification are among the most popular and talked-about certifications; as a result, every professional is looking for an AWS Certificate.

Understand which topics and domains will be covered in the AWS certification training exam and study them deeply and thoroughly.Study your notes, including the sources, to become acquainted with the AWS services covered in the exam. After finishing the syllabus, take as many mock tests as possible and practice them until the exam day. Test yourself with the example questions and review the study material provided. Revise, visualize, and sit for the exam with confidence.

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