Microfiber Sunglass

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Need to keep your expensive glasses from getting scratched or broken? High-quality reading glasses, sunglasses, and nearsightedness glasses can all be carried in a microfiber sunglass pouch. During use of the pouch, the mirror inside is fragile and sensitive, and there is no way to damage the lens by pounding it. 

Helpful, simple, and easy to explain! Read on to learn more about the main benefits of a microfiber pouch for sunglasses. 

  • People being upset about not being able to carry the large mirror box can be helped in part by using glass pouches. During the making process, the velvet surface was used, which is a sign of excellent craftsmanship. A drawstring is put into the pouch’s opening so that it can bend freely. This keeps the glasses in place and makes it hard for them to slip out. 
  • Glasses pouches are made with materials that make good use of its new microfiber technology. During the time it takes to make its water absorbency, the outside of the item won’t have water stains after it has been cleaned. The snooze is cleaned to keep the mirror from getting scratched. It is completely clean, doesn’t lose hair, doesn’t break down, and has a long assistant life. 
  • It doesn’t break the lens, is useful, light, and flexible, and it gives open items and the open economy a chance to create and speak to the open interest and the subject looking to increase the open interest. 

Most cases for eyeglasses and sunglasses can fit in these pouches

Keep your expensive eyeglass case safe by putting it in a pocket. Even if you keep the sensitive case in your pack with keys and other sharp things, you won’t scratch it. 

Works like a microfiber cleaning cloth, but it’s a lot easier to use 

Just put your eyeglasses in the pouch and rub them with the eyeglass cleaning cloth. When you take them out, they will be spotless! 

A Microfiber Glass Pouch has the following advantages

➤A velvet surface on a microfiber eyeglass pouch is a sign of high-quality craftsmanship

The old Chinese design space has a time measurement because people can understand it in different ways depending on their moods and mental states, and it becomes a part of their lives. 

➤The texture feels very delicate

The fine fiber can build the layered structure of the silk, increase the specific surface area and thin effect, make the reflected light inside the fiber more fragile on the surface, give it a velvety rich shine, and absorb and hold a lot of moisture. 

➤Strong cleaning power

Microfiber can hold many times its own weight in dirt, dust, and liquid. 

Due to its strong absorption, microfiber items can’t be mixed with other things or they will turn a different color and grow a lot of hair. Try not to use an iron on the microfiber towel. Try to stay away from water that is over 60 degrees. 

The microfiber pouches for sunglasses, cell phones, and other gadgets are twice as soft and won’t scratch the lenses or screens. 

These pockets are made of an optical evaluation microfiber texture that is thick (230 GSM) and brushed on both sides to make it less abrasive and make it easier to clean. You can use them as pockets to clean things like glasses, cell phones, and other gadgets. They work as well as the best-selling cleaning products. 

➤Fits perfectly in ALL eyeglass and sunglass cases

Put your glasses in the pocket and then in the microfiber pouch for sunglasses. No good reason to still talk about cleaning fabrics! Before you take your glasses out of the pocket, clean them. You can also use an eyeglass cleaning cloth made of microfiber to keep your sunglasses clean and free of scratches. 

Gifting this amazing microfiber sunglass pouch to your customers will increase your brand sales as it’s of a great use to them. 

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