Paint by Numbers Kit

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Painting by numbers is a system where a specific picture is divided into different shapes. Every shape has a number that aligns with a specific colour. As a painter, you will paint every shape and, in the end, find the picture emerging as a complete painting. This approach is simple and gets across the concept that a painting is created through several colour shapes. When these shapes are put together as a group, they build the image. You can find a Paint by Numbers Kit online made of cotton canvas and pre-stretched on a wooden frame. Such a kit will enable you to use acrylic paint. So it’s ideal for beginners to paint on canvas as well. 

What Comes in a Painting by Numbers Kit?

A painting by numbers kit generally contains a brush and small paint pots in multiple colours. It also includes an outline of the picture. Although, at first glance, you may assume that the paint isn’t enough to complete the whole picture. However, you will realise that the kit has sufficient paint.

You also have the option to use the paint that you already have. But ensure to check the kind of paint the kit has, whether it’s oil paint or acrylic. A kit with acrylic paint is better than one with oil paint because the paint dries quickly, and you can use the water for washing the brush. So, it’s a good option for beginners. 

How Should You Be Painting by Numbers?

Many people find it tempting to paint so that they can finish a section of their picture at once. However, that will only lead to a lot of brush washing. A good approach is to paint a single colour at a time. Paint from the biggest area of a specific colour to the smallest. When you work from the painting’s top and go down, it helps avoid accidental disturbing of wet paint. When you start with the bigger ones, you will become better at handling the brush and painting.

So, by the time you reach the small areas, which can be tricky to paint, you will have excellent brush control. You will know where exactly the paint should go and will be able to put paint on a tiny area precisely. Developing brush control for painting accurately up to a particular point is an essential skill that every artist should have. By painting with a numbers kit, you can inculcate this skill. 

Who Is Painting by Numbers Suitable for?

The painting by numbers kit is ideal for people of all age groups. Kids as small as five years old and adults as old as 80 years can enjoy using it. Moreover, this family-friendly activity doesn’t need you to get out from the comfort of your home. You can create your masterpieces easily sitting inside your home. It does not take much time to learn it. In fact, it’s a very relaxing experience for most people.

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