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The term follow-up customer is a familiar term in the business world. Customer follow-up is part of the sales team’s job to keep customers from moving to competitors. Following up on customers not only helps businesses to retain customers but also improves quality customer service.

There are two ways of customer follow-up: before and after the customer buys. Follow-up carried out before buying aims to persuade the customer to make a transaction with the business. 

Meanwhile, follow-up after purchase keeps customers loyal to the brand or makes repeat purchases. However, it might require a lot of effort and time for the sales team to do it manually. 

Fortunately, you can leverage sales automation to simplify the follow-up process to make it more efficient and effective. Thus, you only need to find the best strategy and ways to follow up on automated sales. 

Here are four ways to create automated sales follow-ups to make the work of your business sales team easier.

1. Automate Sales Follow-Up Emails

Email is one of the most critical media for businesses in today’s digital era. It becomes part of the follow-up process by sending regular emails to customers. Also, pay attention to the frequency of emails that you send because it determines the success of the follow-up process.

Therefore, you must schedule a particular time to send emails to prospects. With sales automation, you can set up follow-up notifications and send them automatically to customers or prospects.

In the email, you may attach a hyperlink to your website so the customers can get a good look at what you offer them. Also, ensure you send a relevant email to your targeted customers.

For example, when you send an email about your products or services, ensure to send it to your target customers that might be interested and need your products or services.

2. Provide Valuable Content 

Providing valuable content can be another best way to follow up with your prospects. It will add more value to your business than hard selling and bulk follow-ups. Content marketing helps you to build brand awareness, reach wider customers and expand your potential touchpoints. 

Ensure to share relevant content with your potential customers. One of the best types of content is video content. You may include your product video in your follow-up email to increase open rates and attract more customers to your products or services. 

Most people love to watch videos more than boring long texts. That’s why including valuable video content allows you to easily attract customers’ attention, gain more prospects and increase conversion sales.

3. Time Your Follow-Up to Get Better Results

There are many things you need to do as a salesperson. Starting from preparing pitching to finding new potential clients. So, making time for follow-up can be a challenge. 

The right solution is to schedule and prepare follow-up materials in advance, making your work faster and more efficient.

Also, make sure you schedule the right time to get better results. Each of the customers must have different busy times. Therefore, do follow-up according to a period that is not too close. Give it at least a week. Then you can do the subsequent follow-up.

4. Personalize Your Sales Follow-Up

Personalization is crucial in email marketing. Every customer would like to receive a more personal email. That way, they get a good impression and experience with your business.

Sending personalized emails and follow-ups can increase open rates and build customers’ trust and revenue by 760%. Because personalizing email helps brands to provide more relevant and individualistic content.

You can personalize your follow-up sales email with a subject line and email body and include the recipient’s name. That way, your email will have more potential to be opened by your prospects.


Follow-up activities must be included in your product sales strategy. It gives your business the opportunity to get new potential customers and have great potential to increase sales.

You can start to implement the four best tips to do follow-up automated sales mentioned above to help your business compete in today’s digital business world. So, ensure you follow up with customers before or after buying the product.

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