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Planters, potted plants, and garden barrel ideas can transform a garden into a work of art. The good news is that we can make beautiful and long-lasting DIY planters out of simple materials and up-cycled items.

From pallet containers to plastic DIY flower pots, here are some fun DIY planter ideas! Let’s begin with some low-cost DIY planters that appear like they were made by a designer! 

1. Pots With Pretty Lace Flower

Apply adhesive to the whole surface of your pot. Apply glue on the fabric (lace) and afterward secure it with another coat of adhesive. Before using your new pots, make sure they are completely dry.

2. Recycle an old dining bowl

Imagine using an old salad dish in the garden to create an aesthetically compelling display when you’re close to retiring it from the dining area. The instructions for making this DIY planter are simple: Attach three legs to an upturned wooden salad bowl, then fill it with a vibrant mix of seasonal greens and flowers.

3. Half barrel planter ideas

Planting ideas for half barrels is a great way to create mini-gardens in your yard, allowing you to strategically and attractively position the herbs, flowers, and vegetables anyway you choose. You’ll want to create the ideal atmosphere for your container garden now that you have a ready-to-use half-barrel planter.

4. Make the most of your old books

This is for all the book lovers out there. Remove your old books, cut a hole in the center, cover the hole with a sheet of plastic, and maintain the plants and soil in the gap. Voila!

5. Make Use of Your Rain Boots

Have you purchased these bright rain boots just to have them ignored? Don’t be concerned. Bring them to good use, clean them up, and plant something in them. Attach it to your backyard fence and paint it in pastel colors to suit the boots.

6. Planters made of crushed tin cans

From this collection, this is one of the most eye-catching DIY Planter Ideas. A unique planter style can be created by simply smashing old tin cans and spray painting them.

The tin cans are smashed or crushed with the help of a hammer, and the chrome gold spray paint adds a touch of elegance to any of these DIY planters. This is a very simple, quick, and inexpensive craft.

7. Plastic containers for planters

If you’re feeling creative, use any leftover plastic containers into long-lasting planters. There’s a lot of room for customization here. For a bohemian look, use macramé hangers, or go for a seaside look with seashells. Larger bottles can accommodate larger plants, so use your imagination with your plastic waste. 

8. Make Use of the Tires

Plants like Money Plant and English Ivy are very easy to grow on tires. Get an old tire, paint it or leave it unpainted, add flowers to it, and hang it with rope on a lovely background for positive vibrations on your balcony.

9. Whiskey barrel planter ideas

A traditional huge garden planter pot is a whiskey barrel planter. They look great on sunny patios as well as shaded spots. They can be filled with anything from vegetables to perennials to herbs to annual ornamentals and presented as a centerpiece in the garden.

10. Planters made from an old wooden crate

Vintage wooden crates have a rich texture and color mix, but they can be difficult to come by. You can get the same effect at home with this DIY alternative. Each box is created using cedar planks (or any other planks you have on hand) and basic hardware, making it simple to assemble even if this is your first DIY. Add a personal touch to your crate by staining it or distressing it with a hammer for an old look.

11. Barrel Planter ideas with 4 Tiers

If you plant a four-tier wine barrel succulent garden like this at the entryway, it will undoubtedly improve the exterior beauty of the house. Construct four stages by slicing the wine barrel, which will need some woodworking. Reclaimed wood planks are used to separate and protect the levels. Fill it with high-quality potting soil and plants after nailing the planks or boards together. These are great barrel ideas for the garden.


Your home is a fertile ground for creativity. Is your inner DIY on the lookout for a new way to spruce up your home? Prepare to dress up your indoor plants or yard with a few innovative DIY planter ideas that will wow you!


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