What is more exciting than firing up the grill after a pleasant cruise day!

Planning to have a Barbeque Party on a Boat, decide what food and drinks to serve. Grilling on a boat with your clan is a heavenly moment you can create on the waters. Escalate boat party fun while you grill the freshly caught fishes (or refrigerated fishes, steak, meat, etc.) on the right kind of grill, accompanied with lunch or dinner. Above all, it’s important to be safe. And, here are a few tips and tricks to be able to successfully spread the platters with your boat mates.

Things to Consider While Grilling On a Boat

Food always tastes so much better when you are with your loved ones and partying on the water is like a cherry on the cake. Straight off the grill. So, the question is how to grill on a boat? All you need is a flat spot on the boat, like the cockpit floor or a portable filet table, and a few items to cook with. Keeping it simple is what I would recommend as the boat has very limited storage.

Choosing the Right Grill Mount

The first and foremost challenge is to choose the right kind of boat grill to be mounted. This will keep the grill balanced, and stable, preventing it from falling or causing any accident. Usually, installing a boat grill mount is an easy job. They allow you to cook over the water, keeping your deck clean and tidy, giving you peace of mind, and also maximize safety onboard.

Always look for a grill with the best and durable construction, next you need to consider the size of the grill, it depends on how many guests you plan to feed. Grills also come in different styles which are equally important, that makes your photos much more beautiful.

Grilling on a boat is completely a different business. While you may be having a very good hand with charcoal grill back at home, that is really not going to help you on the waters. Charcoal grills need to be always dry which is not the condition we see on boats. Due to the moist marine environment, the best grills on a boat are propane or electric grills.

Portable propane or electric grills are excellent on a boat. Few options available are:

  • Tefal – Plancha with Lid
  • Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill;
  • Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill.

Number of Guests

Check your guest list and never exceed the count while you are on a boat. Figure out the amount of food to be prepared, which gives you an idea and know how big the grill should be. Purchase a grill that is big enough to feed your guests and also as compact as possible to fit rightly on to your boat.


Every boat has a galley to store things. But, while you are on course of grilling and feasting, it wouldn’t be practical to move to-and-fro to get things from the fridge each time you need something for the grill. To skip these hassles, it is a good choice to have a cooler beside your grill – that simplifies your life.

Fresh fish is easy to grill as it need not be stored, but if you have plans to grill meat, steak that are refrigerated, it is important to store it in a tightly insulated cooler. Go for a good hard cooler with ample space to store the food you would like to grill. 

Safety Tips to Follow While You Grill On a Boat

  • Never leave your grill unattended once begun.
  • If you are using a charcoal grill, never use non-approved accelerants like gasoline to light the grill.
  • Always make it a habit to read, understand and follow the grill user guide 
  • Ensure no ash from the grill has fallen or dropped on any part of the boat.
  • Most of the marinas do not allow open flames for safety reasons. Make sure with the marina staff before lighting it up.
  • Check for propane connections, ensure they are leak free.
  • Once the cooking is finished, put off the grill immediately and let it cool before you unmounts it from the boat.


It is fun to have a food party on a Rental Yacht Dubai and also much more important to be cautious while underway. I hope the above tips will help you plan a best grill party on a boat and create moments to be cherished.

Finally, if you are looking out for a Barbeque Party on a Rental Yacht in Dubai and also an adventurous day on a yacht in Dubai, you are always to get connected with us for the best moments to come.


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