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If fresh air and altitude make you feel at home and in heaven. The mountains and valleys of Igatpuri are calling! Break away from your regular villas in Lonavala with pool and Alibaug bungalows or Karjat homestays and explore Igatpuri. You will enjoy outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, and rafting. Take a relaxing break at one of the Eko stay Igatpuri properties. There are many places to visit in Igatpuri. Which is located in the stunning Sahyadri Mountain Ranges in the Nashik district of Maharashtra and serves as a great weekend getaway spot. This hamlet, surrounded by mist-laden mountains, dense forests, and verdant valleys, is home to a number of tourist attractions.

Igatpuri is a hill and mountain resort. During Makar Sankranti, the Fireflies Festival,… a large number of tourists gather to see the fireflies light up the sky. The festivals are held in the months of January, May, and June, in that order. If you enjoy bustling streets and localities, this is the time of year to visit and stay at Igatpuri villas with private pool here.

The Igatpuri tourist attractions cater to all types of visitors and provide a great escape from the chaos of city life. As well as, The town is a haven for nature lovers, with many ancient forts and pristine waterfalls. As well as several adventure activities such as rock climbing, trekking, camping, and more.

Igatpuri is famous for its ancient, rusted temples. The Ghatandevi Temple is a temple that should be visited while in Igatpuri. Dedicated to Goddess Ghatandevi, the Ghats’ protector, this place of worship offers a spectacular view of the valley below and the many peaks of the beautiful Sahayadri Ranges. While you’re there, try to visit the Vipassana Centre. So, Which offers a comprehensive course on meditation and how it has been practised throughout the ages.

If you enjoy history and architecture, the Tringalwadi Fort should be on your list of places to visit. This magnificent fort stands 3,000 feet above sea level and provides a panoramic view of the entire city of Igatpuri below. As well as the captivating beauty of the Sahayadri Ranges. While you’re there, pay your respects to the Hanuman Temple within the fort’s grounds. The Walavalkar Museum is a one-of-a-kind museum that depicts Shivaji Maharaj’s life and serves as yet another visual treat. It would be a shame if you didn’t try the Vada Pavs while you were here.

The months of December, January, and February are ideal for visiting Igatpuri. Because it is peak season, expect a small crowd at this time. So, The months of June, July, August, September, October, and November have mild weather. As a result, you can easily avoid a large crowd and enjoy Igatpuri with fewer tourists.

1. Private villas in igatpuri : Ecstasy Villa

Ecstasy Villa, located in the tranquil and yet untouched by the regular masses Igatpuri, is a Mother Nature’s gift. This 4 BHK property boasts of being in the dead centre of lush greenery, with views soothing your eyes all the way upto the horizon. Get together with all of your friends and family to get away from all of the stress, relax on the terrace and look for shooting stars, or simply dip your toes in the pool.

2. Private villas in igatpuri : Lake Creek Villa

Beautifully decorated luxurious 4BHK holiday home in Igatpuri. A carefree stay option for any group looking to unwind and relax among the blooming palm trees. The villa has four bedrooms, a private pool, a spectacular outdoor space, and a ten thousand square foot lawn for our guests to enjoy. So, The villa has a serene and welcoming exterior with palm trees, a private pool, candlelight dinners, and Good Vibes.

3. Private villas in igatpuri : Fern Villa

 Fern Villa, Igatpuri is the epitome of relaxation; this 3 BHK Villa is guaranteed to put you in a state of Zen. The spacious lounge area is sure to pique your interest. Enjoy a nice BBQ dinner or simply soak up the warmth of a bonfire on a cool night. So, Enjoy lounging in the nooks of this Villa or simply going to dip your toes in the pool, we know we would!

4. Private villas in igatpuri: Brickstone Villa

Brickstone Villa in Igatpuri is a rustic 4 BHK Villa with modern amenities and your own private pool to complete the space outside where you can relax while admiring the views Igatpuri has to offer. So, Throughout the year, the terrace provides the most tranquil atmosphere.

5. Private villas in igatpuri: Brickstone Villa

While staying at this 3 BHK Villa, the best place to relax and unwind is by the pool or on the patio, or even by the bonfire at night, the perfect way to end the day with your loved ones.

Brickstone Villa is one of the private villas in Igatpuri that has an endearing ambiance that combines old world charm with modern conveniences. Also, Flowers, mountains, and the sounds of nature are just a few of the sights to behold in the area surrounding the villa. One of the top features of this villa is the dedicated garden area with a patio that is beautifully set up in the garden area.

6. Private villas in igatpuri: Bougain Villa

In Igatpuri, the 5BHK Ekostay Bougain Villa overlooks the scenic beauty of Maharashtra, which is beautiful and refreshingly serene. Maharashtra’s experience is diverse and rich, woven into a massive quilt.

Welcome aboard an experience that gives you a glimpse into this vibrant location with its private pool and modern structure with contemporary interiors giving the place the perfect feel.

You can spend your alone time napping in any room of this 5BHK Villa. Spend time with your loved ones over tea and conversation, or play board games together! You can also request a BBQ if the evenings become chilly and you feel like cooking up a storm!

7. Private villas in igatpuri : Casablanca Villa

Our 4BHK Ekostay Casablanca Villa in Igatpuri has an immaculate pool with astounding submerged seating. Sprawling with extraordinary views of valleys and lush greenery. Soak in the quietude pool next to a striking pool hammock with a cosy gazebo and a plush outdoor bar. An architectural phenomenon with a blend of intricate and contemporary interior decor. So, Spend an exciting evening playing billiards in this luxurious and picturesque villa that we have made available to you!

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