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You may have heard of various icebreaker activities but some may seem to be awkward as per the team. Moreover, you need a proper icebreaker to grab complete attention and make your session fun from the start.

But where to find such ideas?

Here are the various icebreaker examples that can be helpful in grabbing the attention of the attendees.

  1. Ask Question Related to Songs and Movie

As per the online meeting platform experts, songs and movies always refreshes everyone’s mood and fills everyone with excitement and fun. You can start with an icebreaker question related to the songs and movies. Ask them:

  • Last song they have listened to
  • Movies they can see anytime
  • Song they heard on repeat this week
  • Movies they have watched the most
  • All time favorite singer
  • Play This or That

It is always fun to confuse others and ask them to choose between anything. So, you can play this and that game with your audience. It will be beneficial to create a fun environment. Moreover, give some unique and fun choices that can create some laughs in the live virtual team meeting platform.

Ask what they will choose:

  • Dog or cat
  • Hot weather or cold weather
  • French fries or side salad
  • Beer or whisky
  • San Francisco or New York City
  • Travel by train or travel by plane
  • Ask Everyone to Share The View From Their Place

As per the virtual town hall meeting platform experts, it can be fun to share and view where other people are working from. So, you can ask the attendees to show the view from their respective places. They can take a pic or record a video to share it with everyone in the live event.

  • Play City Guessing Game

As per the virtual AGM platform experts, guess games are the most favorite ones for everyone. So, you can use it as an icebreaker as everyone will love to answer such questions. Moreover, ask everyone to share their city name but without telling the name directly.

You have to share some hints that everyone will guess and tell you the city name. Also, ask them to make it more difficult or creatively fun by using some unique and interesting facts. This way, you can grab everyone’s attention without hassle.

  • Act a Word or Phrase and Ask Users to Guess

As per the virtual corporate meeting platform experts, playing the charades is an all time favorite and entertaining game. You can attain complete attention and make the start of your session entertaining for everyone. Moreover, you can make it fun even on a virtual meeting, just use the following ideas:

  • Use a photo from a famous movie scene and ask them to tell the movie name.
  • Show a photo from a famous and most loved place for vacation.
  • Act out the place name where everyone would like to go.
  • Let people guess the name of a famous dish or eatable.
  • Ask Everyone to Share Their Desk Photo

No one works with cleanliness when they are at home. Everyone keeps some mess around them, whether on their desk or in other parts of the house. So, the virtual team meeting platform experts suggest desk photos to make it fun. You have to ask them for a pic of their desk and surroundings.

Moreover, it can be fun to see what everyone has at their work desk. It can be anything: dishes, clothes, or other things. All you need is to ask everyone and share it on screen using the document or screen sharing feature. You can develop a great fun and enjoyable moment for everyone. Also, you can attain complete attention without making anyone awkward at your virtual meeting.

  • Use an Emotion Wheel

As per the virtual event platform exviperts, you can create an emotional wheel to share everyone’s mood. You can create a pop up for every participant to join the virtual meeting session. Display different emotions to know how your attendees are feeling.

They can use the word that best describes their feelings at that time the best. Many people love to fill in and see the results of emotional intelligence. You can provide them the opportunity to know via your virtual meeting platform.

  • Discuss and Find the Common Ground

It is always fun to find and know some common habits, talking style, or other things. So, you can choose this common ground game in order to know what habits do other people notice of you and find it similar with anyone else. But make sure no one talks about anything related to work.

Also, it does not have to be the similarities. It can also be some connecting pointers such as one who likes to cook and another who says that he or she is a terrible cook but loves to eat delicious food. You can get the best feature for communication with the right virtual event technology.

  • Play the Classic Two Truths and a Lie

As per the virtual event solutions experts, everyone loves to hear the truth and some lie about other people. You can add it to your virtual event as an icebreaker to grab everyone’s attention and interest to your session. Moreover, just ask everyone to share a truth about themselves and a convincing lie without telling which one is lie or truth. The other participants have to guess which statement sounds true or false.

For instance, people can say, “Hi, I am Steve. I like kite flying, once I won first prize at a competition and I met the famous Kim Kardashian there.” So people may think that he lied about meeting Kim at a kite competition but that came out to be true but he did not win a prize at kite competition.

So, these are the various icebreaker examples that you can use in your virtual meeting. You can choose the one that you think can engage your audience and get you complete attention.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to use some not actually awkward icebreakers at your virtual meeting.