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Customer service has become an evaluation criterion for every business. After product/service quality, the first thing a prospect wants to know is a brand’s customer service. It is, therefore, important for small-scale organizations to ramp up their customer service. This will involve providing fast and efficient customer support when they are stuck.

The right customer service app answers all your company woes related to customer support. Luckily, many customer service applications are available nowadays to help businesses tackle customer demands and concerns.

This blog scrutinizes the best of them, helping readers put their fingers on the app they need:

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the leading cloud-based applications that help businesses streamline their communication with their customers. It serves over 165 000 businesses globally across hundreds of industries that vary in size.

The reason behind its popularity is its leading customer support solution. On average, customer satisfaction increases by 25%, and agent productivity raises by 30% at any scale. All customer interactions conducted through this application stay on the same medium. This happens via an interactive interface that clearly provides features like web widgets and customer history.

It has a sophisticated system for dealing with ticket requests from different channels, including web, social, phone, or chat. Users can swiftly spot what they need and cut their frustration. These features make it a favorite application, and users prefer it above others despite the newest varieties in the market.

  • Slack

Slack is well-known for its easy connectivity with stakeholders and tools involved in a business. You can get real-time messages through chat and calls. There is also a searchable record of all conversations and files that you keep. Its integration with different applications and bots has increased its users’ popularity. Now, every person involved in a business stays on the same page regarding difficulties and policies.

This application allows a business to enhance its communication with customers. They can share the files and enable integration with other applications. This provides the customers with a medium where they can share their concerns or launch complaints. The authorities can readily respond and inform how they plan to resolve these issues.

The public channels in this application are open to all. This means that people from marketing can sneak a peek to see what designers are doing. Likewise, customers can access a few public channels to understand the strategies devised by the companies. The search feature of this app makes it easy for users to find the information they need whenever they need it.

  • Groove

Groove is categorized as a help desk application. It has scalable tools for small businesses with cost-effective options. The users get their support email inbox, so the messages are not lost among other emails.

It enables the team members to leave notes on customers’ profiles. This enables all people on the team to speed up their information about a customer’s history with their company. The team members can then reach out and extend support to the customers, leading to a deeper relationship.

The easy setup and clean interface of this application contribute to its popularity. Users in this era are asking for easy app structures, making it one of the most dominant app design trends of 2022. This structure enables Groove to ensure that customer tickets are promptly dealt with and the response time stays at its lowest.

  • Salesforce

Salesforce, previously known as, is another affordable option for small to medium-sized companies. This app allows you to conduct all customer interactions in the same interface. The service agents can read complaints and respond to them.

This app is an incredible platform for tracking every stage of a customer’s journey. The developing company of this application is well-known for its top-notch, cloud-based solutions. The product Salesforce is also a scalable customer support system that allows businesses to run cost-effective customer support programs.

Salesforce Cloud App brings an extensive feature set with out-of-the-box ideas. The visual tools allow users to understand how this app runs. Meanwhile, the ability to manage data with its drag-and-drop interface has made this app one of a kind.

  • Uberconference

Uberconference, as the name suggests, is the portal that enables users to conference with each other. It integrates with social media and enables the users to chat with each other via high-quality audio. The business authorities can set up a conference and allow all their customers to join. During these meetings, the customers can provide feedback and toss their queries at the brand.

This app has an excellent user interface, making it an easy task for organizers and participants to run the app. It is essential to mention that this app is audio-only. If any business wants to interact via videos, they should opt for other apps like Skype or GoToMeeting.

Regardless of the apps you use, it is essential to conduct a background check on their authenticity. Uberconference is widely known for its secure algorithms. Likewise, when the prospects researched the truth about AirG, they discovered that the algorithms used by the company were highly secure. Thus, do your research well and leave no stones unturned when trying to find an exceptional customer support application for your venture.

  • Pipedrive

Pipedrive is an endorsed customer relationship management application that brings its teams a sales management pipeline tool. The team can align its operations to ensure that customer demands are met.

This application enables the sales teams to manage lengthy and complex sales procedures. The sales teams admire it for its mobile optimization, easy usage, and integration with Google apps. They can connect with other third-party applications to provide a seamless response to their customers.

Parting Notes

Customers today are always on the go. They yearn for an instant response from companies and don’t like to wait. A slight delay in answering their questions may lead them to knock at other brands’ doors. This is why all big and small-sized companies must create a flawless communication structure for their customers.

We hope this blog allowed you to find out some of the best apps available in the market right now. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

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