5 Reasons to Send Out Regular Text Alerts to Your Clients

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Text message marketing is expanding exponentially. SMS messages are used to inform all consumers simultaneously about a new product or promotion through text messages.

You should explore SMS marketing as a means of promoting your brand since it is quick and personalized.

Text alerts may assist firms with customer support, corporate communications, and marketing. This article covers the primary reasons you should consider utilizing text alerts for your company and explains how to get started fast.

Understanding Text Notifications

Text notifications, also known as text alerts, are customized messages delivered to a specific client or group of customers at predetermined intervals or based on numerous criteria. Using online SMS management solutions, regulating which messages are delivered to clients at certain times is feasible.

Automated SMS notifications may notify consumers about a delivery, inform clients about critical services, and remind them of upcoming appointments. By integrating a calendar system with your database of customers and clients, your firm will be able to provide them with timely updates and information.

1. Customers Get Suitable Bargains and Discounts

Text marketing is exclusively opt-in. This indicates that your clients are already engaged in what you provide and want to receive your communications since they find them relevant.

It is simple to develop tailored communications depending on the demographics and behavior of your audience, such as retargeting those who did not click through.

Adding personalization to your messaging may make your offerings seem more relevant to your clients than via conventional marketing methods. It also reduces the likelihood that consumers will see your communications as spam.

A corporate SMS text alert system is the simplest method for communicating specials and special offers. Unique link monitoring allows you to track which offers were popular with your subscribers and protects your bottom line by reducing the number of unnecessary discounts and incentives you provide.

With this technology, businesses with a text message alert system can save time. Businesses may market their goods and services fast and effectively by sending text messages. They don’t have to send out promotional fliers that would take days or weeks to reach the customer’s mailbox.

2. Allows Rapid and Direct Communication

SMS is the quickest and most direct marketing medium accessible; if you set up an opt-in subscriber service, all of your clients will be happy to get timely updates from your company.

Whether attempting to communicate with consumers or staff, text messages provide a simple solution. They are transmitted and received practically immediately, allowing for real-time communication. Text messages are ideal for sending time-sensitive information such as PIN code alerts, appointment or payment reminders, and emergency notifications (such as weather and travel warnings).

3. It’s a Good Foute for Your Clients

Customers value SMS texts for the assistance they bring. Numerous clients use SMS for appointment reminders, which may minimize the incidence of no-shows for a mutually advantageous service.

Customers also find it helpful when businesses provide company-specific instructions, such as seasonal maintenance recommendations from mechanics or health advice from doctors.

4. Superior to Email in Terms of Deliverability

Among the elements that impact the deliverability of an email is the sender’s reputation. To guarantee that your emails are not considered spam by email service providers, it might take some time to establish a positive reputation with these providers.

It is estimated that more than half of all emails are spam, whereas less than three percent of texts are spam. SMS is more reliable than email, even though carrier networks can stop SMS if users violate message policies. Moreover, you may create delivery reports by using free online platforms. These may help you identify and address delivery issues as they arise.

5. Fraud Avoidance

If someone is using your credit card information to purchase anything, you presumably want to know immediately. You will be delighted that your credit card provider quickly gives you a warning letter so you may stop the transaction.


Because SMS distribution depends on a cellular connection rather than the internet, messages may be sent to a recipient’s phone even if they are in a remote place with no internet access. This is a typical case. Imagine the workplace internet breaks down, and you need to send an urgent message to coworkers off-site. A text message alert would be excellent in this business circumstance.

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