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Your small business may be a one or two-person business. However, with the right marketing strategy in place, you can rapidly scale or grow your business. Using personalized marketing tools can easily boost the popularity of your products and services.

Work With An Influencer

Establishing an influencer marketing strategy to personalize your product promotions is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your products. For example, a designer may create custom accessories such as jewelry and scarves. Contracting with an influencer who will show off the product on various social media platforms, a designer can easily reach all of their followers who feel a personal connection to the chosen influencer.

Influencers do more than just model products and provide reviews. People who follow influencers become so accustomed and attached to them that they consider them friends. For the best results, carefully review the number of followers the intended influencer has and the demographics of those followers.

Focus on Facebook

Single image ads on Facebook are easy to set up once a Facebook business page has been created. In addition, those images can easily be transferred to Instagram advertisements.

Word-of-mouth advertising can rapidly spread across Facebook. When creating promotional advertisements, it’s critical that the primary images include information on

  • website
  • phone
  • Instagram accounts

The power of social media will also allow small business owners to make other connections. No matter what a business is producing, there are groups on social media that enable the sellers to expand their audience exponentially.

Offer Expertise In a Blog

Business owners need to be able to earn from their expertise. To best display that expertise, offering a website and sharing blog posts that include both instructions and images could be good for your business and marketability.

Generating blog posts takes more than expertise. Many business owners get great benefits by hiring a freelance writer who can chop the article into readable bits. A skilled SEO producer can also add headings, hyperlinks, and images that will draw in many readers.

Blog posts can also be tailored to share with other businesses’ web pages. For example, a business that does custom decorative painting or offers decorating services could produce blog posts for fabric designers and painting tools.

Produce Webinars

Not everyone wants to read blog posts; not every industry lends itself to written how-to articles. Another method of promoting your expertise is to produce webinars. Within a webinar, a business owner can

  • share their story
  • talk about their education
  • promote their expertise
  • the offer information on the future of their business and industry

Webinars require technical skills to generate. A business owner who wants to generate webinars that will gain traction will need to be able to generate a PowerPoint, make videos, share links and share their screen. A quality webinar will able to be stored on the business website and shared on social media for even more traction and exposure.

Offer a Free Consultation

For a business that offers a specific service, a free consultation could be a great way to start a connection that will serve your business in the future. Free consultation to decorate a bedroom could turn into a decorating job for an office, an entire business location, or a vacation.

Do make sure that the consultation is all that is free to the potential client. Any product or supplies that are going into the project will need to be paid for. Another option is to use bargain or leftover products to complete a small project offered as a free promotion.

If a free consultation isn’t appropriate for your situation, consider looking for an organization that could use a good deal. For example, a designer and decorator might put together a discounted project for a not-for-profit facility that needs a facelift.

As a business owner, a happy client is one of the best marketing tools you can have. Thanks to social media and the ability to share comments and reviews across several platforms, one happy customer can let a lot of people know that your business is worth hiring. Consumers are becoming more suspicious over time. Personal testimonials carry a great deal of weight.

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