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s your kid’s birthday just around the corner, and you are still lost thinking about how you can make it memorable for them? As a parent, it is your goal to ensure that you can create lifelong memories with your kid. Since birthdays are supposedly the best days in their lives, it is your task to ensure that your child creates wonderful memories, especially on those days.  

From taking your child to play in a mystery room Bangalore or going on a vacation to a place of their choice, there can be several ways in which you can plan your child’s birthday. So, in this article, let us take a look at 4 cool ideas that will help you create beautiful memories on your child’s birthday.  

1. Take your child to an escape room game! 

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Escape room games are probably one of the best places to create memories that your child will cherish for a long time. These are games where players are locked inside a room and need to solve the puzzles or riddles lying ahead of them to get themselves out of the room in time.  

Escape rooms help take your mind away from the reality in which you thrive and expose you to a whole new world. These games come in varied themes like horror, fantasy, crime, or even science-oriented. You can choose an escape room game that would suit the tastes of your child and play it together as a family.  

Running around the escape room with your child in the search for clues or riddles will be a memorable experience for every player. In the end, it would not even matter whether you win or lose, but your child can simply look back on this day as one filled with fun and excitement!  

2. Go on a vacation centered around your kid  

For once, at least, allow your child to take the first step and let them decide a place that they would like to travel to. Based on the choice and likes of your kid, you can then decide whether it would be possible to go on a family vacation to the designated place. 

You can go for a trip to the mountains or the seas if that’s what your kid likes. Even taking your kid to Disneyland or a water park can also be a great idea. Allow them to choose the rides that they would like to try out, and let them have fun as they ride them! You can even take a few photos as you see your child enjoying during this trip and print them out to make a scrapbook, which your kid can flip through later on! 

3. Plan a movie night! 

For this one, you need to allow your child to go ahead and pick a movie of their choice. Even if the movie that your child picks is supposedly the one that they have already watched a countless number of times, make sure you go with their choice! 

So, once the special birthday dinner is all done and dusted, your entire family can snuggle in together on the couch or in bed and watch the movie together. Even though a movie night on your child’s birthday seems a rather low-key idea to create memories, trust us, it is a great way to balance the immense excitement of the rest of the day.   

4. Have a treasure hunt for the birthday present! 

With a little brain, you can give a unique turn to the whole tradition of giving your child presents! All you need to do is leave behind a trail of clues that your child needs to solve to find their birthday present. Make sure your clues aren’t tricky enough for your child to be unable to solve them.  

You can even involve a few physical activities or challenges in the treasure hunt to make it more interesting and memorable for your child! Since children are always brimming with energy, your kid is surely going to love this treasure hunt.   


So, these are four cool ideas that will help you create wonderful memories on your child’s birthday. Which one are you excited to try out?  

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