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If you visit the dentist twice a year and feel that the point of these regular visits is not worth the time and effort —we are here to tell you otherwise. This is because your oral health plays an important role in your well-being.

We recommend everyone to go for regular visits to the dentist, but below, we have highlighted some people who should not skip their routine checkups at any cost:

  • Preteens who are growing permanent teeth
  • Patients with osteoporosis
  • Women post-childbirth
  • Individuals who indulge in drinking red wine
  • Those who are involved in habits like smoking, tobacco consumption, and bruxism

These routine cleaning sessions should be a vital part of your life as they keep various harmful, traumatizing diseases at bay. The issues might escalate and affect your bank and health.

So let’s look at some of the things that point towards the importance of good oral hygiene.

Get rid of Plaque, Cavities, and Tartar

Plaque is a film formation that builds up in the mouth cavity after eating and drinking. When people brush and floss, they get rid of most of the buildup. But it is challenging to reach every nook and corner.

The gradual buildup can cause cavities, gingivitis, and tooth decay. When plaque hardens, it becomes tartar, also known as calculus. When all these build up, they lead to teeth erosion.

But if you schedule your visits every six months, you will most likely get these issues addressed before they progress. The dentist can easily detect the issues and can perform quick cleanups to remove tartar and cavities.

Moreover, through regular visits, you can address your concerns early on rather than waiting for them to expedite and become major problems, leading to cavity cleaning, filling, and the worst — extractions.

Save yourself from Gum Health deterioration

Tartar doesn’t cause issues to the tooth only. It starts by affecting the gums and then proceeds to the part of the gum attached to the tooth. It then starts contracting infection due to tartar buildup on the tooth. This infection is known as gingivitis.

The infection causes bone degradation that holds the tooth. It also leads to bleeding, swelling, and soreness in the mouth. As a result, patients with gingivitis may experience teeth loosening and falling.

The process of freeing the teeth of gingivitis is long, excruciating, and expensive. In addition, it may require several visits to the dentist too.

Get rid of harmful Habits & Behaviors

There are several behaviors and compulsions that are grave for dental health. Some are natural, while some can be controlled. Habits that affect your dental wellbeing include clenching of the jaw, teeth grinding (bruxism), drinking red wine, smoking, taking in excessive coffee and tea, chewing ice cubes, and eating sticky or chewy candies.

The dentist can check your overall dental hygiene and guide you further on how to control the unhealthy practices to end further destruction. Moreover, the dentist can alter the damage by some treatment plans.    

Often times a growing child faces problems after losing milk teeth. The growing permanent teeth are sometimes bigger than the milk teeth and hence get crowded on the jaw.  So it is crucial for teenagers and preteens to visit the dentist regularly.

Also, when teeth are in the developing stage, they may grow out in gaps or overlap. To avoid these issues, you can assess the veneers gap teeth cost and ask your dentist about it in your next visit so that you enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth. Moreover, regular checkup also helps you in detecting problems like bone decay, cysts, tumors, and swelling at an early stage.

Check for Lymph Nodes

The lymph nodes do not appear obvious and could be growing internally. When you visit the dentist bi-annually, you are able to find out about any such growth around the jaw, neck, and mouth area. The dentists are your sure-shot saviors in detecting any abnormality you may fail to notice. 

Such detection at the early stages can be addressed with gentler treatment plans before they become more aggressive and damage your health further.

Detect Oral Cancer

When you don’t pay much attention to your oral health, then diseases like gingivitis, mouth soreness, throat ulcers, or small cysts go unnoticed. They may be dangerous and detected at a later stage. However, dentists can always identify the early signs of any disease, including oral cancer, and so can put you on treatment to stop it.

A quick look, and the dentist knows what’s wrong. And since oral cancer takes some time to manifest and spread, the person gets on the safe side if problems like these are noticed by your dentist early on.

Take Away

Dentists not only contribute to your lovely smile but also help in addressing various health issues. Visiting the dentist regularly will keep you informed on the potential diseases, and you can get them treated at the right time.

A minor sore or ache may seem nothing to you but can lead to significant damage and so consulting professionals regularly becomes a necessity. You don’t want things to get onto your nerve, right?

Hence think twice before you skip your bi-annual oral checkup. Is it worth getting into trouble, or will this half-hour visit to the dentist save you from unnecessary trauma? You have the answer – so book your appointment right away.

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