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Vaastu shastra has a strong correlation to the growth of several traits that improve a Personality Development. Vastu consultant Online will help you with the process.

Every area of human life is strongly influenced by Vastu shastra, as we have seen in many parts of this website. In addition to making its residents happy and comfortable, a home’s Vaastu can either improve or deteriorate a person’s personality.

Although some people may question how various directions might influence personality development, Vastu’s specific directions undoubtedly bring favorably to our character while also gradually shaping our personalities as a whole. Online Vastu consultant will direct you through the directions.

The effect of a direction, such as the northeast, which is designated as a location for water and has natural moving features, aids individuals in incorporating this distinctive trait into their personalities. People who live in the same place as the direction are typically taking away numerous other directions with various features in this way. Every direction has a personality that tends to stay with anyone who comes into contact with the location.

What Effect Do Directions Have on Personality?

As per Vastu experts, although it may seem strange, directions can indeed affect your persona. Continue reading to see how they are interconnected and affect how people as a whole evolve. Vastu consultant Online will guide you through this process.

For kids who study, the north-east is the better direction

Their abilities grow stronger in this direction over time. His knowledge will increase and his success will be ensured if his study table is positioned in the north-eastern or eastern direction. Children should study this path because it is thought to be holy and doing so increases knowledge, willpower, and mental fortitude.

Water is also related to the north-east path

As per Vastu Shastra, it represents development and growth. Just make sure the direction is correctly balanced. The guidance promotes mental calmness, which further enhances your personality.

Southeast direction Vastu Tips

  • Since fire is the focus of this direction, the southeast is the best path for the kitchen. Energy and fire go together. Motion is created by energy, which quickens the progression of your life toward accomplishment.
  • The residents of homes with gas stoves positioned in the southeast have higher prospects for overall success. The power to cause development is inherent in the fire. It is recognized that using fire in this direction will result in success.
  • Avoiding sleep in this way is one thing that needs to be kept in mind. Aggression, as well as stubbornness, are birthed when you sleep in this direction.
  • The direction gives rise to completion, success, and advancement when it is balanced properly.
  • The southeast direction is monitored when using Vastu for Personality Development. It assures that the naive’s life and behavior are sturdy and stable. Making judgments is a skill that the stable person excels at, and it enhances their personality in general. Your personality will become more firm and confident if you continue to live in this direction.

North West direction

The next direction is to the North West, which is being watched by air. Living in this way improves communication, leadership, and analytical skills. Additionally, it improves how expressively naive people communicate.

Simply put, moving toward the northeast enhances leadership effectiveness, expressive communication, plus coordination. 

Brahm Sthan

The central area of your home is referred to as Brahm Sthan in Vastu Shastra. The name refers to the location of Brahma, the “world’s creator.”

This unrestricted environment fosters maturity, research skills, and in-depth study abilities. Personality development needs it.

Vastu’s advice for improving personality

  • The southeast is a bad area to sleep or live in since the fire element rules there and people there tend to be aggressive and stubborn.
  • Children should study in the east or north-east because it helps them gradually improve their talents.
  • Make sure your kids study with their backs to the East or North-East for overall success plus knowledge, as this location inspires mental fortitude, perseverance, and wisdom.
  • Kitchens in the southeast are perfect since the element of Fire rules there, and installing a gas stove within that area will help residents succeed and advance. When a fire is put in its place, the result is immediately favorable, promoting the development of the prisoner.
  • Earth, an element associated with solidity and firmness, rules the southwest. As a result, those who live there acquire firmness and confidence in themselves.
  • The Northwest provides its residents with leadership qualities, expressive communication skills, and analytical skills.


Success comes from the northeast, and moving southeast makes it happen faster. South West improves confidence plus leadership skills. Coordination, communication, and harmony are all improved by the north. Sky fosters maturity and produces the best outcomes.

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