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A Digital Marketing Agency has the power to take your business from bottom to top. Their expertise helps in evaluating the needs and requirements of the brand and then cultivates an influential strategy that in turn maximizes the revenue.

Role of SEO Companies in the World

In accordance with a Pew Research, in the past three years, the use of internet among the grown- ups has been enhanced by 5%.

Now a day, the manner in which the people shop and purchase something has undergone a drastic change which makes offline marketing ineffective to a large extent.

Initially when you talk about marketing, the first thing that comes in to the mind is connecting with your clients and consumers at the right time as well as at the right place.

Talking about today, marketing means meeting your clients at a place where you spend most of your time i.e. on the internet.

Every person who is running a business or a company tends to look out for fresh opportunities and new ways in which they can build a connection with their clients. In order to do this they look out for Digital Marketing agencies in India which proves to be a great help for them.

There is no way and scope that digital marketing is slowing down and will slow down in any manner. That is why; entrepreneurs and business owners have started concentrated on solidification of their digital marketing activities.

In this new age of digitalization, it is imperative to stay competitive and in order to do so; business owners have initiated adding digital marketing in their marketing strategies.

Among all the entrepreneurs, many of them have become top 10 SEO Company in Mumbai who have proved to be a great support and have assisted many people to achieve the desired results.

This article is going to be a very informative piece if you really want to know what exactly a digital marketing agency does.

Let’s get started with the Functions of SEO Company.

Digital Marketing Agencies assist in enhancing your business

Digital marketing agencies help in enhancing the productivity of the business. An entrepreneur is able to define the objectives and set the attainable goals with the agencies’ assistance.

Digital Marketing Agencies helps in showcasing the brand

The main motive of a digital marketing agency is to work so extensively that it leads to the development of your online hub. If you own a which is buyer focused and is effective to a large extent then it will assist you in showcasing your brand on online platforms. The agencies also help in finding out the channels and platforms which you should utilize to come in contact with your ideals customers ysl perfume

Various services provided by Digital Marketing Agencies include:

  1. SEO
  2. SEM
  3. Website Development
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Content Development
  7. Analytics
  8. Chatbots

As we are done with discussing the functions of digital marketing agencies, let’s now start with the role that these agencies play.

The traditional marketing agencies are different from modern digital marketing agencies in regard to the concentration as the latter concentrates on results based marketing.

Whether it is tracking, marketing which is measurable or ROI, all these are names of the game.

The main role that the digital marketing agencies in Mumbai play is to develop the brand of the business and convert it into lead generating engine.

It is very imperative for the marketers to understand the digital world and to possess solidified skills. In order to grow your company, the management is required to surround themselves with advanced digital marketing techniques and strategies.

If you are the one who is looking to develop your brand and to generate leads then below are  that can help you in this direction.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

1.  ArunSEO

ArunSEO is one of those unique  in all over world which blends creativity with feasibility. We offer digital marketing services like Developing, SEO, SEM, SMM, Complete Digital Marketing, Website Design and Development, Content Marketing and other IT related projects. We also offer digital marketing solutions at unbelievably attractive packages, quality is something we never compromise on.

2.  DigiChefs

Digichef is a best digital marketing agency in Mumbai which works with a team of 27 persons. Their main focus is on leading creative and innovative campaigns in order to promote the brand in the best possible way.

The persons that they work with have proved to be best in their respective fields. Whether you want help with marketing setup or you want to accelerate your growth, they have the solution to all your problems. The services that they provides include SEM, SEO, social media marketing, paid marketing, etc.

3.  iProspect

Talking about iProspect, it is one of the top digital marketing companies in Mumbai. The company has made itself known around the globe. Because of the dedication and hard work that the company and its team put in to complete the desired project, it has won itself many awards.

The company always comes in with creative and innovative ideas. Because of their uniqueness, they have been able to come up to this level. The company was established in the year 1996 and the name of the CEO is Vivek Bhargava. Citi Bank, Clear Trip and HDFC are the renowned clients of this digital marketing agency.

4.  Web Chutney

This digital marketing company in Mumbai is well known for its progressive ideas. The services that this agency offers include development of business, making and implementing marketing campaigns, providing solution to all business problems, and a lot more. They also offer mobile marketing, influencer marketing, web designing, and media buying. Marico, Wipro, Airtel, Microsoft are some of their renowned clients.

5. Mirum

Mirum was previously known as Social Wavelength. It is one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai. The headquarters of this agency are situated in San Diego. It also has its offices in 25 other countries. The people that they work with possess very creative and innovative minds and the clients that come across them are given best customer experience.

6. Pinstorm

When it comes to advertising and marketing, this digital marketing company in Mumbai has proved to be the best leading agency. The motto that they have developed is that as the market is changing, it is required to change your business accordingly. The approach that they utilize is very dynamic and covers almost all the aspects like web design, user experience, search optimization, etc.

7. Interactive Avenues

This Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai has made itself involved in almost every domain like Automobiles, FMCG, Digital Marketing, Finance, Education, and a lot more. The services that they offer include PPC, SEO, SEM, SMO, media planning, developing media campaigns, etc. Coca Cola, Wipro, Amazon, BMW, Sony, Book my show, FedEx are their leading clients.

8. Wat Consult

Wat Consult is one of the top and award winning Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai. They provide Search Engine Optimisation, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, content writing, creative data.

9. Foxy Moron

This leading Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai works with 200 employees not only in Mumbai but also in Gurgaon and Banglore. The agency is also known to be an official partner of Digital Scholar. Aditya Birla, Burger King, Go Air, Discovery Channel, Loreal are their leading clients

10. Amura

This Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai was established in the year 2009. This agency has now become partner of Adobe Community Solution and Facebook. Ekta world, Cipla, Amanora, Hiranandani are some of their leading clients who have availed their many services like media planning, analytics, engagement marketing, etc.


In this modern era, Digital Marketing is blooming at a high speed. It is all about promoting a brand, generating leads, converting a new venture to a well-known brand and developing marketing campaigns. In all these areas Digital Marketing Agencies have proved to be a great support.

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