Studying Abroad

Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Umer Malik

You can have a lot of options for a successful future by enrolling at a top institution abroad. International students are becoming more and more interested in attending foreign universities. Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia are among the top countries where most international students prefer to settle, followed by New Zealand. They have more than just the desire to receive a top-notch education on their minds; they also hope to establish lucrative careers abroad.

The amount of misunderstandings about studying abroad is increasing at the same time that student excitement about doing so is. What are these myths, and how might they prevent you from achieving your objectives? Let’s analyse this article in its whole. You may flawlessly make the appropriate decision after reading this text. You can contact the top UK study visa consultants in Jalandhar if you intend to move to the UK but want some appropriate advice to select the best programme and reputed university there.

The following are the top 3 myths about studying abroad:

Your academic record must be excellent to get a study visa 

While some universities and colleges only accept applicants with scores of more than 80% in their prior education, others may accept applicants with 65 percent or less. So, if you are a typical student and your results don’t reach 70%, don’t panic; you can still obtain a visa. Some applicants mistakenly believe that their academic performance causes them to be rejected, although this is untrue. Other factors that contribute to the denial of a student visa include subpar results on the language test, insufficient paperwork, a SOP that needs improvement, the study programme that is chosen, a lack of funds, and more. Therefore, use caution at all times and strive to apply to a university or college that accepts the grades you earned in past coursework.

It is hard to manage health, work and study 

This is another fallacy, according to which it is difficult for students to balance their studies, jobs, and health. Let us warn you that while some pupils might find it challenging, some won’t. Only those students who don’t have a good schedule struggle to manage. But those that adhere to a strict schedule are able to handle everything with ease. As a result, be careful to determine what has to be done on the first day and create a strategy to handle everything efficiently. You can adjust your schedule as necessary, such as during exams and breaks.

There is no scholarship for international students 

There is a myth going around that foreign universities don’t offer scholarships to international students. The truth is that international institutions and colleges will award scholarships to all students who have received more than 70% on their most recent exams. So, if you did well in your previous school, you can easily take use of this benefit to help pay for your education.

It is difficult to find a job 

The ability to combine part-time employment with academics is the main advantage of studying abroad. However, some individuals think that it is challenging to get a job there. Finding work requires a lot of time and effort. Well, without effort, nothing can be accomplished. If you put in the effort, possess relevant talents, conduct in-depth research, and thoroughly prepare for the interview, you should have no trouble finding work. The best aspect is that your employees will pay well. For instance, the minimum hourly salary in Australia is 21 dollars, but it is 15 dollars in Canada.

USA interview is a hard challenge 

You must attend in the interview round when the authorities will question you in order to obtain a student visa for the United States. Candidates believe that the interview is difficult and that the interviewers are unpleasant. They become anxious at the prospect and end up responding to some questions incorrectly. Never adopt such a mindset, and come prepared for the interview with great answers for all of the questions. To improve your communication abilities and increase your chances of success, you can also enrol in some classes. Therefore, be well-prepared, take it easy, and don’t be afraid of anything to quickly obtain your USA study visa.

Summing up: 

In conclusion, there are some widespread myths that you should disregard wherever you hear them. Otherwise, these would trigger some unfavourable ideas in your head that will persuade you to give up on your goals.