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Aging is an unavoidable fact. Even your favorite celebrities, who have access to the best anti-aging treatments, eventually age! Although the aging process cannot be stopped entirely, it can be slowed down in order to preserve a young appearance for as long as feasible.

You can resist aging and keep your skin glowing by using an anti-aging cream. However, should you use the cream in your daily skin regime? For knowing the answer, you need to go through the article. 

What Causes Aging? 

Premature aging can result from a variety of reasons. Sun damage, pollution, and an unhealthy diet are a few of these. However, the internal factor of cell turnover, which occurs naturally, is the primary cause of aging skin.

Our skin cells go through a cycle of growth and repair each day. This process begins to slow down as we age, and our skin cells don’t regenerate as quickly. Additionally, the fatty tissues beneath our skin get smaller and less bulky as well as our skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin declines. All of this contributes to the loss of our capacity to retain moisture and the development of those dreadful outward indications of aging.

To address these concerns, it is important to take proper care of our skin. Regular visits to a reputable skincare clinic like Cleo Clinic Malaysia ,can provide professional guidance and effective treatments.

What Your Morning Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Should Include 

You see those crow’s feet and fine lines in the mirror when you get up, and you want to do something about it, right? Your morning anti-aging program should entail the following:


Anyone over the age of 30 should use a water-based cleaner. Any sweat, oil, or filth that has accumulated on your skin over the night will be helped off by using this kind of mild cleanser or skin care face wash.

Additionally, it assists in preparing your skin for the remainder of your anti-aging regimen by removing dead skin cells.

Using these anti-aging treatments not only helps to clear up impurities from your skin but also keeps your face hydrated. This is crucial since dehydration can induce the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Keep in mind to go with organic skin care products only as toxin-oriented skincare products damage skin tissues. 


One of the crucial components in any beauty regimen is toner, which becomes even more crucial as we get older. This is because as we become older, our skin loses its flexibility, making it more vulnerable to injury.

A toner aids in restoring the pH balance of the skin, which is necessary for maintaining healthy skin and avoiding wrinkles. It aids in clearing out any lingering dirt that might be blocking pores and ready your skin for the following procedure.


Any skincare expert would vouch for antioxidants, and for a good reason too!

UV radiation, pollution, and free radicals are just a few of the environmental stresses that our skin is frequently subjected to. These stresses can harm skin cells and speed up the aging process.

Antioxidant serums like l-ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, aid in protecting it from these stressors. Additionally, the skin can benefit from these anti-aging substances’ ability to brighten and appear more youthful.

So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to incorporate a vitamin C serum into your beauty regimen!


If you don’t want to develop additional wrinkles and dull skin, wearing anti-aging cream is a necessity. Again go with vegan skin care as it’s skin-friendly and also cruelty-free. 

No matter what your skin type, finish your morning skincare routine with slathering a pea-sized amount of cream on your face before putting on your makeup.

Hence, you can put your anti-aging cream in your daily skincare routine and also follow other things for effective results.

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