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A thesis is a lengthy document that a student seeking a professional degree has to submit to show the authorities the extent of the knowledge that he has gained throughout his course. Each student is provide with a topic or question about which the student has to do extensive research and prepare a dissertation which is also known as a thesis.

A huge number of students are too busy to write a dissertation by themselves so they seek thesis help Malaysia and get it done efficiently. Every student who studies at a university has a different level of intelligence and way of thinking and everyone has to work hard to be able to write a perfect thesis conclusion. The students who are not confident enough in their skill level are ever ready to hire thesis help Malaysia so that the content meets the international standard of quality content. Many students try to write the thesis by themselves but when they reach the end of the work they feel it is very hard to structure a perfect conclusion and this nervousness forces them to hire thesis help Malaysia.

According to renowne educationists ‘well begun is half done, it is true at all stages of your academic career including the master’s degree where you have to submit a good thesis. Like most of the content writing taught in schools and colleges the thesis also has 3 main parts that are:

 The Introduction

 The introduction of a thesis is the question that is given to the students for research. It is the start of your research paper in which you have to write a well-researched introduction that urges the reader to read more. Though the introduction is one of the most important parts of a thesis it is nothing when you have nothing to write in the body and the conclusion.

 The Body

 Body of a thesis is the part in which he has to describe all the research that he has done and explain his point of view about the research question. The student has to provide pieces of evidence in support of his point and why he thinks the way he does. It is the essence of the hard work that the student puts in, in writing the research paper.

 The Conclusion

 This is one of the most important and confusing parts of a thesis. As the students fill the length of the thesis in its body, when they conclude they get confuse and many suffer from writer’s block. The students feel that there is nothing left to write in the conclusion. The content of a conclusion provides the reader with a hint of closure to the thesis.

Well-written thesis tells the reader about the future scope of the topic being discusse in the thesis, tells the reader that the closure of the thesis is not permanent and further research in the same direction may bear more amazing results. A good thesis never closes the door to research for others. The conclusion should tell the reader the importance of the research on that particular topic.

Tips For Writing A Good Conclusion

  • In the very first part of the conclusion, you should mention the reason why you selected that particular topic for your thesis.
  • The bases that support the research paper topic.
  • You should mention the objective of conducting the research.
  • Connect your conclusion with the introduction by restating the research topic.
  • Instead of going into details by summarizing the whole research paper, you should summarize the topic as the main points.
  • Mention the outcome or the findings of the research.
  • At the end of the concluding part of your research wrap up your point of view.


Like most wise students you must already have suggestions for future research in the same field and on the same topic but the recommendations are a part of the thesis in which you can explain the reason why you think that further research could be fruitful in this field.

In this part, you should suggest the area of the field that you could not cover due to word count and lack of time. You should never overstate the feasibility of the study you performed. If the research is about a business topic or policy-making you should try not to provide instructions and try to provide suggestions.

 If you follow the above-mentioned tips you can easily attempt writing your research paper.