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It is unquestionably true that using your hands to build your initial impression is better. Discuss your first-hand impression of a man’s character before looking at his shoes. However, a woman is often taken in by the image of her panache that her hands and immaculately groomed nails convey. A girl’s self-confidence is also increased by having neat, well-kept nails. However, a ding here and there might also ruin all of her grace and beauty. So why not consider something stable now that there is such a critical need? Yes, nail extensions are the permanent solution to all of those chipped, dented, and misshaped nails. We have compiled the lesser-known facts from the best nail salon in Gurgaon. Let’s go

Brittle Nails

Brittle Nails

Extensions are known to weaken and damage your natural nail bed. You needn’t worry about injury, though, if it’s carried done by a qualified specialist using tried-and-true materials. Once you have extensions, follow your technician’s instructions from KA-RAS extensions carefully and get them properly removed when the time comes.

You should have an expert

It goes without saying that you will visit a qualified nail technician for the application. The majority of people assume that you can remove the extensions at home using a nail file and some acetone, though. Take our word for it: getting rid of nail extensions without a professional’s help is a poor idea! Earlier attempts at doing that had a serious negative impact on the cuticles and nail-beds.

Time Consuming

If you have your nails done by a skilled professional even from the best nail salon in Gurgaon, then, on average, your nail-cutting consultation will last for around an hour. However, if your nails are done by a nail technician who doesn’t appreciate what they’re doing as much, your manicure will often take 1.5 to 2 hours.


Yes, you read that correctly; the nail extension you obtain won’t be worth a lot of money. It is effortlessly available for reasonable prices. Be at ease knowing that your hard-earned money won’t go to waste because of this. There are many nail and cosmetic salons in Gurgaon that offer nail extension services at extremely reasonable prices.


Ladies are always aware of current trends. Will it last a long time or not? But don’t worry in the least. No longer do you have to be concerned about the longevity of these nail extensions. They are quite resilient and don’t dent easily. In fact, disposing of the extensions takes about 30 minutes. So let go of your worries and breathe a sigh of relief because it’s worthwhile. Be at ease with its energy of it.

Categories in extensions

You come across 2 major categories of nail extensions when you first pass by the fine extensions. Acrygel , and acrylic extensions. They are all quick, simple, and inexpensive ways. These kinds of nail extensions provide a smooth appearance that is just admirable by acting as a synthetic layer over your natural nails.

Looks artificial

One of the common misconceptions is that nail extensions frequently seem artificial. However, the truth is that acrylic nail extensions appear just as good as your own natural nails. The reason is that it adopts the right shape of your natural nails and doesn’t in any way give it an artificial appearance. Be at ease! Your nails will achieve the same level of style and attractiveness as you, obviously. If done by the best nail salon in Gurgaon then it serves as a solid measure of safety for them.

Shapes and sizes

Concerning size and shape have no fear. You have a good selection of options. Yes… Don’t believe us when we say this? However, it is doable. Some of the best nail extension salons on the market provide a wide selection of nail extensions that you may choose from. According to your needs, several sizes and designs of nail enhancements are available. Now, with the aid of the best kind of nail extensions, you may make your small and unattractive-looking nails appear longer and more attractive.

It Can Be Done Through Various Methods

Hope you know about this. You do not? Tips and Forms are two different methods for teaching beautiful nail extensions.”Tips” are the perfect shape for a nail to take when it is stopped by the ends of other nails. Then acrylic is applied to the entire set of nails to raise them back up. The overall nail is perfectly formed, and “forms” are adhered to it to restore it properly. One of the best nail extensions for bitten nails is this one.

Extension is not replacement

For many women, nail extensions are a complete substitute for the original nail. But dear, you have a defect. These artificial nails commonly referred to as French Extensions are just an addition to the natural nails and not a replacement. Nail extensions are thin plastic or fiber plates that are glued to your natural nails to make them appear longer, stronger, and more attractive.

Nail extensions are fashionable and need serious thought. It is not just about money but also about the overall health of your hands. If you choose the best doctor then why choose a bloke in nail extensions? KA-RAS extensions have earned themselves the tag of the best nail extension in Gurgaon.  If you wish to get a free consult, do not hesitate and give us a call. Visit us and believe what you see. We cater the best for the best.

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