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Fashion pertaining to tomboy styles will always be in style due to their androgynous nature. Is there anyone among you who hasn’t tried this look once or twice? You may be surprised to learn that the term dates back to the 16th century, although it became popular with the Jazz Age garçonnes who insisted on a “trim and boyish” look.

See how Diane Keaton wears a tie and waistcoat in Annie Hall! It has the obvious advantage of mixing in with every style – for example, it’s an easy fit with the menswear trend – so let its timeless appeal help you decide which pieces to wear in every season.

You can transition from day to night by swapping a tailored jacket for a boxy jacket and combat boots. Boxy jackets and laceless combat boots are ideal for cooler days. It is also the time of year to wear stilettos with sportswear to make sure you don’t end up looking like a boy unless you want to. Add some girly flair to your clothes by including floral prints, jewelry, and brassy buttons to offset potentially masculine lines.

What ought a tomboy should dress in?

For a girl looking to dress like a tomboy, skinny skater trousers, distressed or boot-cut jeans, & sports jeans are all suitable choices. Leggings in a dark, opaque color are also perfect tomboy attire.


Petra gets into a tomboyish style here by dressing in grey slacks with an Adidas sneaker and white tee. Petra fashion can be described as a combination of geometrical shapes and bold colors with Middle Eastern influences. It has been worn since thousands of years ago in the Arab world due to Petra’s historical role as an important stopover on trade routes between Asia, Europe and Africa. In more recent times, it appeared on runways all over the world – from Paris to New York.

The look is based on Arabian Nights glamour – a combination of vivid, richly colored fabrics – usually embellished with embroidery or sequins – charmeuse gowns paired with matching head scarves that are wrapped around the hair or neck as if it were a crown, leather sandals adorned with oversized jewels, etc.

Kaitlyn Ham

With a simple black bralette under Ham’s blazer, Kaitlyn Ham looks phenomenal in this tomboy-inspired two-piece. Wearing a suit is one of the most androgynous looks! Kaitlyn Ham debuted her winter fashion line at a runway show held in Manhattan. In attendance were the mayor, several other city officials and several actors from one of New York’s many Broadway plays.

Ham’s collection includes three different pairs of shoes that are completely waterproof. Each pair has been decorated with beads fashioned from Himalayan sea salt. The wearer can dip their feet into any body of salt water and in ten minutes have a sparkling clean pair of shoes.

The dresses in the line all made use of a new fabric she created, which is both stain-resistant and wrinkle-free. Her models would sometimes spill wine or other beverages on their dresses but after a few moments the fabrics would return to their original condition, not even requiring a trip to the cleaners.

A few of her dresses share their beauty with the wearer. One dress has a special strand of DNA sewn into the hem so that the wearer gains healthier hair and nails after wearing it for several months. Another dress had thousands of microscopic cameras stitched into it, which feed real-time images onto screens on the outer layer of clothing for anyone who cares to look at them.

Laura Dittrich:

At the age of 14 Laura Dittrich was discovered by model scout Annett Fleischer in a shopping mall. Since then, she has been working as a fashion model and is considered to be one of the most famous models in Germany. She has also worked for big brands such as Puma, Adidas and Triumph. In addition to her professional career in front of the camera, there is another side: Model Laura Dittrich, together with her stylist [TU: stylist’s name] [has turned] [the model’s name] into a style icon.

“Laura Dittrich represents that special something,” says [TU: stylist], which makes this girl so popular among young women.  Laura Dittrich is not only an idol for young women but also stands for the creative freedom of everyday fashion. That’s what makes her different from other models: She does not conform to a certain type of model. It was important for her that she could represent something with the photos, namely the self-assuredness, which she loves with all her heart. This self-assertion is reflected in every photo. Laura Dittrich never has to rely on makeup or Photoshop because nature itself offers enough beauty.

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See what’s in your closet. Be honest with yourself

Eventually, you’ll let go of some pieces you’ve hoarded for fashion guilt. The shirt you bought has not been worn since you bought it. You no longer fit in those pants. You weren’t supposed to get rid of that shirt because it was a gift. Take responsibility for your actions. If you don’t have to do laundry for three weeks and the pickings are slim, it’s okay to get rid of things you never wear. That’s absolutely fine – it’s crucial.

Identify all the items you own that you don’t enjoy wearing in order to master and up your fashion game, my dear tomboy. We encourage you to get your clothes sorted into “yes” “no” and “sigh” piles regardless of whether you have to empty your closets first. This process is like a cleansing before you move on to rebuilding yourself.

You can rock anything if you like it – don’t be hung up on gendered inspiration

Trying to navigate style inspiration without fitting into rigidly gendered buckets can be a difficult task. Some people have cruel opinions about what people should or should not wear, as well as what makes you look undesirable if you wear that. You have no doubt experienced similar feelings if you are a transgender person, a tomboy, or a non-binary person. 

It is ultimately up to you which high class fashion trends suit you. You are inspired by that style despite whether the person wearing it identifies as a woman, a man, or neither.

A shopping list of the wardrobe foundations for the dapper tomboy

In doing so, you will be able to create a solid foundation; one or two flourishes upon which to build. As long as you keep your sense of style and your sense of self, but gain a little bit of maturity, you can become the mature, well-dressed version of your younger self. These simple staples will not make you seem overdressed or underdressed when you’re wearing them – it’s the middle ground between running a business with button-up shirts and suits.

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