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There is a six-hour tour in the desert of Dubai that is full of thrills and excitement. Belly Dancing, Dune Bashing, Tanoura Dance, Sand Boarding, Camel Riding, and Horse Riding are some things you can do on the trip. Not only are that but your taste buds also taken care of during your Evening Desert Safari Tour. A BBQ Dinner with Veg and Non-Veg Options is served.

A trip to Dubai’s desert is just a few clicks away, and you can do a lot of fun things. Dubai Desert Safari is a complete package for someone who wants to have a great time. It includes everything from camel riding to belly dancing to taking sunset pictures.

We have the best selection of Adventure Tours and Desert Safaris in Dubai. We are the best travel agency in Dubai. Desert Safari Dubai is one of the best things to do when visiting Dubai. It’s ranked as the best tour in Dubai. Blue Planet Tourism is very excited to offer a wide range of cheap packages for Dubai’s famous desert safari so that tourists can see the city in the best way possible.

Types of Safaris

Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, and Overnight Desert Safari are all Desert Safari deals you can choose from. You can be amazed by a perfect sunrise, an eloquent sunset, or twinkling stars in the sky at night. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy all this fun. The prices are very low because we take care of your money.

Morning Safari

Sunrise views from high places, camel rides, dune bashing, and quad biking are part of this early morning safari. If you want to have a good breakfast at the campsite, you can’t skip it.

The Camel Safari

Ride a camel across the desert-like the nomadic Bedouins did. Take a break to look at the desert flora and fauna, and take the best desert pictures to remember your trip.

An adventure in a hot air balloon

Float through the Dubai desert in a hot air balloon and enjoy the views from above. You see endless red dunes, plants, and animals mixed with emerald-green oases.

Dubai, a Spectacular Desert City in the Middle East

Those who see it will be drawn to it because of its beauty. It has a unique and alluring beauty that draws in a lot of people, mostly tourists and adventurers who want to learn about the hidden treasures of the desert and are always looking for new things to do on their own. Discover your passion for making things by trying out the traditional Henna to body art in your own hands for free. In our Stunning Universal Buffet, we have something for everyone, whether you’re a vegan or not. You can serve yourself and your cravings with a bit of Flame-broiled Grill (BBQ).

When the Sun rises, it gives the desert its warm, glowing shadows, and after a few hours, it sets back and the moon and stars take over. At that time, the desert is at its most beautiful, and you can see and experience it all right in front of you. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, why don’t you do it? There are great deals to enjoy this beautiful moment and get the best desert safari in Dubai.

Dubai has a lot to offer for people who like to try new things. Some of the best-looking desert safari packages can be found from a lot of different companies in Dubai. It all depends on how much of it will be there in real life. We want to be who we are both on paper and in real life. Promises are only made if we can keep them. We want to give our customers the best experience that they will remember for a long time and keep them coming back for years to come.


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