Concrete Curing Blanket

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A Concrete curing blanket is an excellent investment for your next project. A concrete curing blanket increases the impermeability of concrete and helps it to dry more quickly.

It’s made of a specially formulated fabric typically fitted around rebar and then placed on top of the concrete to ensure that it goes off without a hitch and will keep moisture inside the concrete from evaporating too quickly.

1. Make Sure You Use It on Top of the Finished Product

A concrete curing blanket is meant to be placed over a finished product. If you’re pouring the concrete, you need to wait for it to dry and harden before you put your blanket over it.

If any moisture is still inside the concrete, moving or placing a heavy blanket on top of it can damage it or cause cracks and other issues further down the line.

So, once your project is dry and looks good, you put your blanket over it. You can also use a curing blanket if you’ve poured multiple layers, but only place them on top of the last layer you run.

2. Make Sure You Place it on Tightly

If you place a curing blanket over your concrete, make sure you use a lacing cord, twist ties, zip ties, or some other way of tightly holding it. It helps to make sure that no moisture seeps under the product, making it more likely that you’ll have success with it.

If the curing blanket doesn’t appropriately seal dried-out areas under your product, then all of the moisture in the concrete will escape and evaporate before it can get put back into the mix for your next project. Placing your curing blanket, so it is tight and stays in place will help prevent this.

3. Make Sure Your Blanket is the Right Size

When placing concrete curing blankets over your project, ensure they’re the right size to cover everything. If your concrete areas are exposed, the curing blanket will only be able to do what it needs to and keep moisture trapped inside.

Make sure your blanket is at least large enough to cover all the concrete portions you want to protect, but always ensure you have pieces of extra material to tie them down and ensure they’re in place properly.

4. Make Sure You Seal the Entire Surface of Your Project

Once you’ve finished placing your curing blanket over your project, ensure that it is in place around the edges and that there are no gaps. It will ensure that you don’t have air pockets forming in those areas.

If a bit of air gets through, moisture can get under the product and cause it to be soft or crack. Having no gaps ensures that your concrete is wholly sealed with moisture inside and doesn’t allow any air underneath.

5. Make Sure You Follow the Directions Carefully

While you can make your curing blankets, getting the exact pattern you need can take time. Even though there are a million different sheets of material out there, you want to ensure that you follow the directions for your specific project and your tools and materials.

If there’s an area on your project that says to use a small amount of flaking putty, then this amount will be minimal.

But if that amount needs to be corrected, your edges could look like they have little bits of rocks in them and look uneven when finished. You’ll want to follow the instructions carefully so that these details are taken care of properly.

6. Use the Concrete Curing Blanket as a Guide for Final Finishes

One of the most valuable parts about using a concrete curing blanket is that it lets you know when your concrete is ready for its next step. Once you cover the concrete, you can give it anywhere from days to weeks before you start doing any finishing work to make sure that it has appropriately cured inside.

You can use the concrete curing blanket as a guide for when this happens so that your project comes out just right.

Making sure that your concrete cures properly during a project is very important. It’s a process that takes time and will be present for a long time. Luckily, you can choose from many types of concrete blankets. Make sure that you get the one that you need for your project.

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