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If you have a fireplace in any area of ​​your home,  you know how much of an impact it can have on your decor. Not only does it create a bold statement, but when you want to update the space, it’s versatile enough that you can update it as well. The key to updating your fireplace Cleaning NYC is to go the contemporary route. Here are some ideas that are too fascinating to ignore.

Vertical Fireplace

While most of us are used to having a horizontal fireplace, this time around, we are exploring the idea of ​​having a vertical feature. Vertical fireplaces are the perfect welcoming effect, thanks to their modernity. Not only will they warm up the room, but they will add a sense of complexity.


One trend that has been completely revived is that of double-sided fireplaces. A fireplace is no longer an object that warms the room and gives a welcoming touch to any space, it has now become an important piece. And that’s where a double-sided play fireplace will come in. The idea is to see your fireplace from several different angles.


So, after reading the headline, you thought to yourself, “peninsula?” For a fireplace, perhaps? How?” The answer is simple, having a fireplace to create a seamless division between an open space is one of the best ways to save space by creating a transparent division. This is perfect for those with an open floor plan but who want to create something a little different while still giving another room its own personal territory.

Bring it to the Dining Room.

The dining room seems to be one of our favorite places to have a fireplace. This is the space where families will gather for a meal, so why not liven it up a bit. The key is to add a minimalist fireplace and allow your decor to be the statement. Having your decor making the statement allows the fireplace to feel like an extra element in the room instead of always making it the center of attention.

Brick & Modern

While most of us are brick fireplace experts, this time around there is an element of novelty in the air. The reason is that the brick now appears in a lighter shade, giving the room a feeling of natural expansion. So, you can paint brick fireplace as a lighter shade to give you that modern feel.

Dark & Daring

Just as a light-colored fireplace is trendy, so are dark, edgy fireplaces. A dark, bold fireplace is perfect for anyone looking to bring a showpiece element into the room. The key is to work with a dark shade that is elegant, you don’t want to have a lot of texture when showing off a darker fireplace.


If you really want to bring something different to every room, consider a personalized item! Having a personalized touch brings something new that is felt throughout the room. The key is to have a piece that is bold enough to make the room look refreshed and new.

Corner Style

We sometimes have the idea of ​​a perfect decoration, but there is an awkward angle that does not allow us to carry out our reflections correctly. If so, consider a corner fireplace. This type of fireplace is not only trendy and fun, but it helps eliminate the heaviness of a full fireplace while giving you a fresh and airy feel.

Minimal Can Be the Best

Even though most of us grew up and loved having a large fireplace, sometimes a more minimal approach is desired. Not because it takes away the furniture but because it can make the room look good. There is something quite relaxing about having a minimal decorative item.

Ergofocus Fireplace

If you’ve never heard of this type of fire pit before, don’t worry, they’ve basically been on the market for a smart period of time, and they were primarily marketed for outdoor space. However, they also work exceptionally well indoors. This is mainly due to how beautiful and modern they look from every corner of the house.

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