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Negative search results can hinder your business results in search engines like Google and Bing. For brands, these results may not do anything favourable. Hence, removing them would be thought of. Directly deleting the featured information may be desired by brands. However, there are only approaches to dealing with such content instead of direct deletion from your end. Once you are aware of these kinds of results, it may help you to confront these search results with confidence. Regardless of how old or new that information is, these approaches can give you some scope for their removal.

Dealing with Bad Search Results in 4 Ways

There are several ways when it comes to dealing with poor search results. Depending on what kind of information is featured, you can choose one of these. Always keep in mind that every approach can take more or less time. Hence, what you can do in that scenario should also be identified.

1. Check for Violation of Guidelines

On the internet, you will find various platforms that have their guidelines. They can carry rules that describe what kind of elements can or cannot be put in the content. When you want a specific type of content to be removed, check whether it has any element that goes against the guidelines.

On finding the same, you can report the matter to the platform. The negative content should hopefully be removed.

Remember: Although this approach best works for bad reviews, you may apply it in other scenarios too.

2. Directly Approach Google

At times, approaching Google is not only a direct but also an effective way to get bad search results removed. To do so, you can access a form. The details of the content that make it negative can be hinted at in this document.

● To find out this form, first, run your browser.

● Find out “Google Legal Help”.

● This should land you on an authentic link on the engine.

● On this link, you can read important guidelines as well as access the form.

There are chances that the search engine may not completely take down negative content. But it may restrict featuring it when searched.

3. Reach the Platform’s Author

Irrespective of the platform on which negative information has been posted, you may find the details of its author. It can be effective to reach this person. You can provide reasons in relation to this information’s removal. The author may remove the content. 

Remember: Be polite and convincing in your approach so that your content removal request is approved.

4. Improve the Ranks of Your Other Content Pieces

Sometimes, content removal can take a lot of time, depending on the approach you choose. Or, the possibility of the approach being successful may be narrow in some instances. So it will be advisable to concentrate on your encouraging content.

This content can be further optimized. Thus, it will be pushed upwards in terms of ranks. You can optimize every blog, article, or post that positively influences your brand or business. Every negative post will eventually be suppressed. 

How do the Best Review Management Companies in India Help Monitor Negative Information?

Managing business reviews are essential. Those dealing with negative search results would already know its impact. Such results can influence numerous users. The best review management companies in India, like Value4Brand, can help to beat such results. Review management companies help to bring a feature to a platform as vast as Google. The power of this influence can further increase the results.

Looking at the above, it is not only vital but also helpful to monitor these results. You should be aware of when negative information has been posted. Thus, at an early stage, you will be able to implement an approach that limits its impact. 

In this regard, your digital marketing agency can use tools to track down that information. Remember that the sooner you act, the lesser damage will be caused.

To Sum up the above

Any kind of information can get featured on search engines, depending on certain factors. When this information is negative, it can start affecting brands. Hence, it is important to take action that leads to its removal. Your approach should be inclusive of things beyond this. The approach should also help you track down bad search results so that their impact can be limited