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Watermelon is a crop that can be grown in Minecraft. It can be found growing naturally in the world, or it can be grown using a watermelon seed.

To grow watermelon, you will need:

  • A watermelon seed
  • A hoe
  • A shovel
  • Water

Watermelons can be a great addition to any garden, and they can be grown in Minecraft by following a few simple steps.

How to grow watermelon in Minecraft?

Find an area in your Minecraft

Watermelons are a great addition to any Minecraft farm, as they provide a tasty food source that can be used to craft healing potions. Here are some tips for finding the right area in your Minecraft world to grow watermelons:

Climate: Watermelons require warm temperatures to grow, so look for an area that gets plenty of sunlight and has a warm climate. Avoid areas that are too cold or shaded.

Soil: Watermelons grow best in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. Look for areas with fertile soil that is easy to work with.

Water source: Watermelons need plenty of water to grow, so make sure you have a nearby water source, such as a river or lake. You can also create an artificial water source using a bucket or a water block.

Space: Watermelon plants can take up a lot of space, so make sure you have enough room for them to grow. You can plant them in rows or in a patch, depending on the size of your farm.

Protection: Watermelon plants are susceptible to damage from mobs and other players, so make sure your farm is well-protected. You can build a fence or use other protective measures to keep your watermelons safe.

By finding the right area to grow watermelons in Minecraft, you can create a reliable food source that will help you survive and thrive in the game.

The first step is to find an area in your Minecraft world that has plenty of sunlight. The next step is to gather some dirt and then create a large square or rectangle-shaped plot for your watermelon garden. Once you have created the plot, use the dirt to make a small mound in the center of the plot.

Plant the seeds       

Now it’s time to plant the seeds. Each seed should be planted about two blocks deep into the soil, with four blocks between each seed. Once the seeds are planted, cover them with soil and then water them using a bucket of water. It will take a little bit of time for the watermelon plants to mature and grow, but once they do it will be time to harvest your first crop! The fruit can be harvested with shears or a pickaxe.

Time taken by watermelon seeds to germinate

It will take about four minutes for the watermelon seed to germinate. Once it has germinated, the melon will start growing. It will take about six minutes for the watermelon to fully grow, and it will be ready to harvest when it is red and has a watermelon seed inside. To harvest the watermelon, dig up the soil around it and hit the block of melon with your shovel. The watermelon will then pop out of the ground. You can then eat the watermelon or store it in an item frame.


Watermelons can be used to make juice, which can be consumed to restore health. They can also be used to make a cake, which can give you strength and speed boosts. Finally, they can be used to make glass panes, which are used in many recipes. So, if you need a way to stay hydrated or give you more energy, grow some watermelons!

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  • A hoe
  • An iron shovel
  • Watermelon seeds are found by tilling over grass blocks. They have about a 25% chance of appearing when the block is harvested. The dirt that was dug up can be replaced by using it with the hoe.  For each piece of dirt that gets replaced, there is a 50% chance that the watermelon seed will spawn on top of it. Water can be added by right clicking on the ground near where the seed was placed. A watermelon takes 4 minutes to germinate, and 6 minutes to fully grow until harvest time which requires mining with an iron shovel directly hitting the block.
  • Watermelons can be picked by hand, but using a tool will yield more items. If you are trying to break a watermelon with your hand, it will take 6 hits. With a wooden sword, it will take 3 hits. With an iron sword, it will take 2 hits. With a diamond sword, it will take 1 hit.  If you are holding a Melon Slice or Watermelon Slices in your hand when you break the watermelon, you will get 1-2 slices of the watermelon. If you have a Bucket of Milk in your hand when you break the watermelon, you will get 1 Bucket of Milk and 1-2 slices of the watermelon.

Step by step guide

  1. “Minecraft watermelon seed” or “watermelon seeds”
  2. An open space (a lot of land for this plant to grow, 2×2 is not enough)
  3. A sword or stick (to turn dirt into farmland and stick it into the ground)
  4. At least one bucket of water (or a stack if you want more than 1)
  5. Sunlight time, morning, noon and afternoon sun exposure with no block obstructions and at night under a glow stone, lamp post or any kind of light source that emits light across wide areas such as torches on the wall of your house facing outwards so the whole room is lit up as well)
  6. A watermelon
  7. Obtain a watermelon seed by destroying a watermelon or if you have a creative inventory, you can get the seed by selecting it and pressing ctrl + right-click.
  8. After some time, the watermelon will grow to a seedling stage and then after more time, to an adult plant (see below). You will need to keep right-clicking once every day on the mature plants in order for them to continue growing because any kind of block obstructions (including the farmland itself) will stop them from getting sunlight. They can get sun exposure during the night if they are under a light source that emits light across wide areas such as torches on the wall of your house facing outwards so the whole room is lit up or glow stone or even lamps on the floor illuminating all around.
  9. In order to cut the watermelon fruits from the grown plant, you will need a shear. Right-click on any of the fruit with shear in your hand and it will drop as an item instead of destroying the plant.
  10. The end product is a food that can be eaten by holding right-click for a moment to eat it or crafted further into other foods such as cake or cookies depending on what ingredients are added. Watermelon stages from youngest to oldest from top left clockwise: Seedling, 2 days old, 4 days old, 6 days old and adult.

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