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Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel is a famous American movie producer and actor. He has been working in entertainment for more than 40 years now and more than that. He has appeared in various films, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, and mean streets. Alice isn’t here anymore, and who’s knocking on my door. He also has appeared in commercials and TV casts. He is now famous for collaborating with Scorsese on film productions of various kinds. If you want to learn about Harvey Keitel’s net worth in 2022, you have to continue reading this article.

You may know Harvey Keitel well, but is it possible to know just how tall and old is he? And what’s his net worth for 2022? If you don’t know, we’ve prepared this article that provides details of Harvey Keitel’s brief biography-wiki career, professional life and personal life, his current net worth, weight, age, Height, and more information. If you’re up for it now, let’s begin.

Early Life

On the 13th of May, 1939, in Brooklyn, New York, Harvey Keitel was born to his parents, Miriam Klein and Harry Keitel. He grew up within Brighton Beach in Brooklyn with his brother Jerry and his sister Renee. He attended Abraham Lincoln high school.

Keitel was in a long-term relationship in a relationship for a long time with American actor Lorraine Bracco. The couple was together between 1982 and 1993, after which it came to an end. The result was a lengthy struggle for custody regarding their child Stella, born in 1985. neither one of them was ready to give up Stella. This is the reason they sought complete control. Later, the couple got married again in 2001 to a Canadian actress named Daphna Kastner. They had two more children. A son they called Hudson was born in 2001, and a daughter named roman was born in 2004.

Age, Height, and weight

Born on the 13th of May 1939, Harvey is 82 as of the 24th of March 2022. He is 1.71m tall with a weight of 70kg.

Age, Height, and weight


Harvey began his career as a court reporter before considering making a career in acting. Later, he trained at the HB studio with Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg and was then offered parts in Off-Broadway productions. He was auditioning for more lucrative roles, which led him to join the film’s casting committee, and, in 1967, He was given the lead part of JR in Scorsese’s debut feature film titled Who’s knocking on my door.

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This provided Harvey the opportunity to collaborate with Scorsese on various subsequent projects. Harvey continued to land leading roles, like Mean Streets, which was his first major film. The film gained him so much attention that he was under too much pressure to do his job and, the year 1974 saw them joined together with Scorsese to make Alice isn’t here anymore and later appeared as a “taxi driver” Jodie Foster’s character pimp. He appeared at the end of the fools, an independent film from 2013.

Harvey has been repeatedly seen as Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction in a PS40 million TV advertising campaign for the British direct line of the insurance company in 2014. From 1995 to 2017, he served as co-president of the actor’s studio with fellow actors Ellen Burstyn and Al Pacino. In June 2009, Harvey was a guest in Jay-Z’s song video “death of autotune” 2009 about his Brooklyn roots. Harvey was also featured in the music video of Beyonce titled “Pretty Hurts” in 2013.

Awards and Achievements

Keitel is nominated for awards and has received various awards in his career of 40 years. He was awarded the top actor in a lead part in the Australian Academy of cinema and television arts. He was awarded for his performance on the piano roll. Keitel was presented with his Stanislavsky Award at the 24th Moscow international film festival to recognize his extraordinary performance in his career acting and his dedication to the ideals in 2002.

In 1993, he received the AFI award for the most convincing acting for his part in the film piano.’ In 1994, he received the award for community service in the category of best actor ensemble for pulp fiction.

Harvey Keitel Net Worth

Harvey has amassed a great deal of wealth throughout his lengthy career. He has purchased luxurious homes and a variety of high-end automobiles. Harvey has earned an impressive net worth, primarily through his acting career. He has also broadened his talents and has shifted to the market segment of products that provide some decent returns. Harvey has also gotten an endorsement from some companies, which plays a significant role in the overall earnings. Harvey is believed to have an estimated wealth of about $50million in March 2022.


Harvey Keitel is very courageous and will go to every opportunity to be an exceptional actor. That is why Harvey Keitel’s Net Worth is increasing day by day. He was a naked character in films like the piano or lousy lieutenant. He wanted to be the best in the crowd of actors, and his long-standing experience has earned him the title of famous in acting.


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