Gokarna Beach

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Gokarna Beach trek is a great way to go Beach Hopping in Gokarna. The Trek can be started from either the Paradise Beach or Kudle Beach aspects. This trek aims to cover all the most important seashores in Gokarna by walking, and crossing the hill standing among these seashores. These hills are home to an inexperienced cowl and look majestic towards the Arabian Sea.

From where to begin the Trek?

Option 1

You can start the Gokarna Beach Trek from either one of the minimal ends, i.e. Belekan Beach or Gokarna Main Beach. There is no trail between Kudle Beach and Gokarna Main Beach. To reach Kudle Beach, you have no choice but to follow the normal road.

Option 2

Alternatively, you may choose to start the Gokarna Beach Trek from Belekan Beach or Paradise Beach. However, your journey will substantially start from Belekan Beach, If you join a group stint from Bangalore or any other megacity. It is not a major beach or a bank at Belekan Beach. The Tour Operator will take you to the other side.

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Gokarna Sand Journey: Places to Visit

Gokarna Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches in Gokarna. It’s also a popular surfing spot. It is also known for its scenic trekking trail. Gokarna Beach, which is located near the Mahabaleshwara temple, is known for being the first place pilgrims visit to take a swim before heading to the temple. The beach is surrounded by girding hills and offers stunning views of the ocean.

Om Beach

Its shape makes it appear to be the auspicious symbol OM in Hindi script. Om beach is a beautiful and fleeting beach in Gokarna that offers a variety of water sports and exertion. From the bumpy banana elevator to the fast spurt ski lift, to underwater touring on the hilly terrain or spotting dolphins in the middle of the sea, OM beach has it all.

Half Moon Beach

The beauty of the beaches is amazing, but the lush jungle that overlooks the Arabian Ocean is breathtaking. Half- Moon beach offers a unique opportunity to do a variety of activities such as kayaking, paddling, touring, and boarding. Half-moon is a beach in Gokarna that you can walk to. This scenic route starts at Gokarna beach and covers the five famous Gokarna beaches all in one trip. The shape of this beach is reminiscent of a half moon.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is famously known as the “full moon beach”. You will need to either take a motorboat to reach the beach from OM or half-moon beach, or you can walk down to the beach from half-moon beach. Paradise beach is approximately 150 meters long and is a great spot for swimming or camping. The beach is covered with jewels, which gives it a stunning backdrop for photography.

Nirvana Beach

Nirvana’s hypnotic surroundings make it feel like you are somewhere special. Because the beach is a bit off the beaten track, you won’t find many other travelers. Although swimming is an exciting adventure, visitors should avoid deepening into the ocean due to strong currents.

Dolphin Point

Half Moon beach is located between Om beach and Om beach. Om beach lies at an approximate distance of 8 km from Gokarna, the megacity.

Shiva Temple

Ravan believed then that Aatmalinga, the Lord Shiva linga, was brought to Gokarna. He couldn’t get back, and Gokarna became its home. Shiva worshipers are known to make the tabernacle a pilgrimage site.

What is the difficulty level for the Gokarna Beach Trek?

It does not require any special skills. It’s easy if you’re active at least once a week. This trek is suitable both for beginners and experts.

Things to keep with you

  • Xerox Copy your Aadhar/ Voter Id (obligatory demand to obtain a timber permit).
  • Water Bottles – 2 (each 1 liter)
  • Torche with New Batteries
  • Shoes that have good traction
  • Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
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